Three Folk dietary formulas for female chronic cystitis

Author: John
Time: 2014/9/1 11:08:21

If you have these symptoms such as frequent, urgent, painful and difficult urination, it probably is cystitis. Generally speaking, cystitis can be classified into acute and chronic cystitis two types.

For chronic cystitis, In addition to urination symptoms mentioned above, people can also experience other symptoms like hematuresis, pyuria, pain on lower abdomen, burning and pain on urethral orifice, and even pain on anus. Therefore, chronic cystitis should be cured timely.

Although men and women both can be invaded by chronic cystitis, this condition is prone to women, because women's urethra is shorter and the urethral orifice is closer to anus. Therefore, most of the victims are women. Today, I would love to recommend three folk dietary formulas for women to relieve their symptoms.

Red jujube and ginger soup

Women should put 30 washed red jujubes, 3 pieces of dry ginger and 300ml water into pot, and stew them with soft fire until the red jujube is well-cooked. And then, women should add 15g brown sugar into this soup and drink it. This soup should be taken daily for 10 days.

Turtle meat and swim bladder soup 

Firstly, Women should cut 150g turtle meat and 30g swim bladder into pieces. Secondly, women should stew the prepared meat and bladder with a little salt. At last, women should drink the soup and eat the meat and bladder when they are well-cooked.

Mutton and shrimp soup

Women should prepare 150g washed and cut mutton, 30g shrimp and 40g garlic. Then, women should stew the shrimp first and add the 40g cut garlic, a little green onion and salt in later. When the shrimp is well-cooked, women should add the mutton in. At last, women should eat the meat and drink the soup after the mutton is well-cooked.

The three folk dietary formulas can relieve the symptoms for women effectively. However, it is hard for women to eradicate the chronic cystitis by only taking the three dietary formulas. Therefore, women should combine the dietary formulas with herbal pill to cure the chronic cystitis.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can not only promote blood and Qi circulation, but also improve the diuresis, immunity and self-healing ability. Therefore, chronic cystitis can be uprooted by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and dietary formula.