Bright Yellow Urine May Suggest Genitourinary Infection

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Time: 2019/4/26 15:56:47

Bright Yellow Urine May Suggest Genitourinary Infection

It is well known that urine color is an important indicator of health status. Normally, most men's urine is transparent and light yellow when they have more urine, yellow-brown when they have less urine, and darker when they first urinate in the morning. But in daily life, some men's urine appear to be bright yellow, which should not be ignored, because it may be related to some diseases.

Although sometimes the urine turns dark yellow occasionally, for example, in the morning urine, the yellow pigments is a normal phenomenon, it is not a serious problem for the yellow urine to occur in the short term when there is a moisture shortage or after taking certain drugs. But if the bright yellow urine lasts for a long time, it may be caused by physiological diseases, which requires immediate attention and medical check in a regular hospital in time. 

What could be the causes of long-term bright yellow urine in men?

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1. prostatitis: Prostatitis can be divided into acute, chronic and bacterial, non-bacterial types. When prostatitis occurs, the urine will turn bright yellow, and there will be symptoms such as urgent, painful and retented urination.

Similarly, when urinating, patients feel burning and painful on the urethra, and with the aggravation of the condition, radiative pain to the surrounding organs. In the morning, there are mucus and other secretions at the urethral orifice, and urinary difficulties can also occur. In addition, sometimes there will be perineum, posterior urethra and anus swelling, and the swollen pain increases when squatting, defecating or long time sitting on the bench.

2. Urethritis: Urinary tract infection can cause abnormal changes in urine color, including bright yellow urine, pyuria in urine, hematuria and pneumouria. Urethritis is very likely to occur after unsafe sexual intercourse. If a small amount of white secretion of urethritis appear after 1-3 weeks of unclean sexual intercourse, and the scab membrane seal after the secretion dries up in the morning, patients should be treated immediately, and attention should be paid to it.


3. cystitis: Urine yellowing is a symptom of cystitis, especially acute cystitis and tuberculous cystitis. Males with cystitis may have symptoms of bright yellow urine, which is due to excitement of the urinary center, resulting in the yellowish urine, and reduced urine volume.

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