An Effective Way to Eliminate The Symptoms of Chlamydia in Women

Author: John
Time: 2015/11/6 17:06:13

chlamydia in women can not only infect urinary tract but also the whole urinary and genital system. At the beginning the symptoms are not apparent, so patients often ignore the treatment for chlamydia and cause the spread of infection source, this will seriously influence the health of women. So for women, when getting chlamydia, it is very important to find an effective way to eliminate the symptoms of it.


Symptoms of chlamydia in women are more serious than symptoms caused by chlamydia in men, often the cervix will be infected and cause infertility. Local part symptom is an important sign in diagnosis since the symptoms are not easy to be found by patients themselves. The indicator can be abscessed discharge or mucus with a little smelly odor, the color of the mucous in vagina is normal but patients often have cervical erosion.

Common complications of chlamydia in women:
1. venereal lymphogranuloma, also called inguinal lymphogranuloma, the primary lesion can easily get genital herpes, so differential diagnoses and inguinal syndromes should be done carefully.
2. Chlamydia causes urethritis or has symbiotic relationship with mycoplasma.
3. Cervicitis which is defined as abscessed mucus being found when checking the cervix, cervical epithelial is over thickened and a lot of diluted and clear discharge, cervix is easy to bleed when touched by swab.
4. Endometritis which has the symptoms of abdominal pain, irregular vaginal bleeding or even low-grade fever.
5. salpingitis.
6. Vestibule big gland inflammation.
7. Proctitis caused by anal sex
8. Inflammation around the anus.

There are several ways to cure chlamydia in women, such as antibiotics, surgeries and Chinese herb medicine. But antibiotics is not very useful, it can cause resistance to drugs, even though the disease can be cured at the beginning, patients will get it again soon. Surgeries will make wounds and make patients painful, so neither of them are the best choice. So what is the best choice? That is TCM, Fuyan Pill is made by Chinese herb totally, it is safe and effective, after taking it and obey foods women patients can or can not eat, they can recover soon. Also remember to do good prevention and avoid getting the disease again can help eliminate the symptoms of chlamydia in women.

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