Urinal Itching May be a Sign of Urinary Tract Infection

Author: John
Time: 2019/7/20 17:46:50

For male urethal itching, one must be vigilant, it is mostly caused by urinary infection. But a lot of men might think that urinary tract infection disease is no big deal, they may ignore the importance of treating the disease.

Urinary tract infection is also known as urinary system infection, mainly due to a variety of bacterial infections leading to inflammation of the urinary system disease. This disease will appear bacteriuria and pyuria and other typical symptoms, so it will cause itching, pain and other phenomena during urination.


The symptoms caused by different types of urinary tract infection are also very different. In addition, different groups of people, venereal diseases and infectious bacteria are also different, and there is a certain gap in the disease symptoms of patients. Because the lower urethra and bladder are closely adjacent to the prostate, if urinary tract infection is not timely suppressed, it is easy to catch the prostatitis.

Complicated urinary tract infection: the symptoms are complex and diverse, and the clinical differences are relatively large, which is easy to increase the incidence of infection or induce other diseases, such as diabetes and renal failure, which are also easy to cause sequelae.


Rational use of natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat stranguria, eliminate bacteria, effectively relieve pain on urethra and remove bladder irritation symptoms, which make urine unobstructed and bladder capacity recovered.

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