What Cause Prostatitis Cannot Be Cured? 3 Tips Unveil the Reasons

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Time: 2016/8/5 16:38:47

What Cause Prostatitis Cannot Be Cured? 3 Tips Unveil the Reasons

prostatitis is pertaining to the intractable diseases in andrology and urology. However, prostatitis can also be cured if taking these 3 aspects into account. With the vigorous treatments, prostatitis can also be cured effectively.

Infection Cause Prostatitis Hard To Cure

Some prostatitis patients are affected with infection, such as the common prostaitis bacterial type, mycoplasma type, chlamydia type, fungal type, trichomonal type and so on, except that, some patients are carried with mixed type, tuberculous type, and even virus type prostatitis. So, as for patients infected with prostatitis on the first time, it's essential to take prostatic fluids test or culture test. Choosing the most sensitive antibiotic is the key to a successful treatment.

What's more, after checking up the pathogens, sometimes prostatitis still cannot be cured by antibiotics, either oral way or intravenous drip, which can be result from the drug resistance of antibiotics. In this way, long-term use of antibiotics cannot do much help. While we could choose herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure prostatitis, which accompanied with less side effects, and it works to eliminate inflammation and stop pain, as well as kill bacterial and virus.

Some Complications Can Cause Prostatitis Hard To Cure
Some prostatitis patients may have such experience, that in the first stage of antibiotics, some symptoms like frequent or urgent urination, night urination will get well control and remission; several days later, their symptoms started to flare up and even become worse. If excluding the cause of drug tolerance, doctors need to consider the cause of complications.  

As for patients with prostatitis cannot be cured, they need to notice the prostatitis complications as prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic calculi, prostate cyst, tuberculosis of prostate, prostate calcification. What's more, urethra diseases like urethral stricture, urethral obstruction, as well as urethra stones also can be caused by prostatitis. In spite of that, seminal vesicle diseases like seminal stones, tuberculosis of seminal vesicle, or cyst of seminal vesicle also need prostatitis patients to take notice. If the further examination shows the possible complications exist, vigorous treatments are needed in order to remove those calculi, obstructions, strictures. In that way, the uncomfortable symptoms related to prostatitis can be totally eliminated.
Abnormal Construction or Dysfunction Can Cause Prostatitis Hard To Cure
Some patients may have such experiences that all their examinations including prostatic fluids, semen, urine tests are normal, then after medication, their white blood cells, pus cells are still presents normal, but they still have symptoms like frequent or urgent urination, even swelling in waist and perineum. In this case, patients should think of abnormal construction or dysfunction in pelvic area. For example, CPPS, abnormal constructions in pelvic muscles, or abnormal nerve function in premium can also cause the same symptoms. Since, diagnosis from a professional doctor is necessary.

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