IVF, a good way to cure infertility?

Author: John
Time: 2017/1/25 11:13:46

It is reported that the twins and other multiples are four times more likely to get unpredictable diseases with the help of IVF, according to the Cerebral Palsy Outreach Network. Farrell Leontiou who is a mother of twins, a case in point, says one of her son Andreas’s cerebral palsy is largely due to IVF and she feels regretful for having done it.

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She was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx in her mid 30s, and because of this, she had no choice but to receive IVF. After attempting for a long time, she finally succeed in getting pregnant. However, this does not bring good news to their family, because Andreas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3. She says although the tests do not find the certain causes for the occurrence of the disease, the mother says the only thing linking with the disease is that he is the result of IVF, a treatment for hydrosalpinx.
For many families, IVF is no longer a strange word, as there are many couples bothering with infertility issues. IVF is a technique that helps the female get pregnant. The specialists combine the egg and the sperm in the test-tubes, then the fertilized egg will be implanted into the uterus. This techniques has developed for over 30 years. But as we all know, there are also some deficiencies about the technique. Firstly, it can be very costly. IVF cost of a basic IVF cycle in the U.S ranges from about $12,000 - $15,000, which is too expensive for most of the couples. Secondly, the process is very complicated, and the female has to undergo a lot of checks, some of which are even invasive.
Compared with IVF, herb medicine is more soothing. On one hand, the medicine is affordable for most of the ordinary couples. For example, Fuyan Pill, only sells 500 dollars of each treatment course. On the other hand, the medicine is more available than IVF. Furthermore, the medicine is effective in curing the disease. According to the data, patients who use herbal medicine have a high rates of recovery which is over 93%, and its function will not be affected by age.
Fuyan pill, a herbal medicine, can cure the multiple female diseases. The medicine will not cause any side-effects because it is made up with herbs which is taken from the nature. The TCM thinks the best way to cure the disease is to stimulate the body's own ability. Fuyan pill has the ability to unblock the clots in the vessel, which will relieve the symptom of patients. In order to cure the disease completely, the patients can keep a good living habits to prevent the disease from recurring.

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