Herbal Medicine to Treat Endometriosis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/4/9 15:16:01

Herbal Medicine to Treat Endometriosis

What is endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a gynecological diseases in which cells from endometrium appear and flourish outside the uterine cavity. Like endometrial cells, endometrial-like cells in areas outside the uterus area also influenced by hormone and flourish. However, when endometrium shed and fall off the uterine and then expel outside the body, endometrial-like cells outside the uterine cannot be expelled. Thus the lesion of endometrium becomes bigger and bigger.

Endometriosis sufferers would develop pain with menses. As the lesion flourishes, pain can also occur without the menses and worsen with menstrual cycle.  
Pain caused by endometriosis can also occur with sex, in the lower back, in rectal area, and even down the legs. A sense of their insides being pulled down may also develop with pain. Irregular menses is also a possible symptom on some sufferers.
How does Fuyan Pill treat endometriosis?
In the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, endometriosis causes are: weakness of Yin, gather of heat(fire) at lower abdomen, bad blood circulation and stasis around the uterine. According to these factors, doctors can compose remedy for treating them. By promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and dampness, dissolving stasis, and dissipate hard lumps, endometrial lesion can be destroyed and absorbed, and then expelled outside the body. Endometriosis herbal treatment - Fuyan Pill is a patented herbal remedy to treat endometriosis which has been used for more than 10 years, and is proved can cure endometriosis within three to four courses.  
As modern medical science is much more developed than Traditional Chinese Medicine, endometriosis herbal treatment is always the choice for those who have the disease recurred after surgery. However, for those who do not want to risk for the side effects of hormonal medication and undergo surgery, they are more willing to choose herbal remedy to treat endometriosis.
How would the pills work?

The pills would work since the first day you took it, but they're not that fast. According to clinical cases, improvement is always seen after one month medication.

3 months medication is always suggested for most of endometroisis patients, no matter how long he has been suffered. Based on the recovery condition, 4 th months pills are recommended sometimes for those who need it or for those who want a better recovery.  

But remember, the pills will only work when you keep a good diet.

What is the required diet?

Spicy foods ond condiment, poultry, fish, beef, seafood, onions, durians, pickles, alcohol, coffee and milk are forbidden during the medication. There's no interaction between these foods but they may aggravate the symptoms. Among them, spicy foods, condiment, and alcohol should be strictly forbidden. If the diet cannot be kept, the treatment would take longer.  

Is there any successful cases?
Mrs. Huang       42 years old       2007/11      Fujian Province  
She had an abnormal bleeding in the vagina. Vaginal fluid was brwon and little. Blood volume was big and sometimes there was black block during menstrual periods. Sometimes menstruation occured twice a month. She took a test of mycoplasma in hospital and the result was positive, along with endometriosis. After taking Fuyan Pill for four months, the date of mensturation was 5 days ahead and the span is a week. Since then she had no abnormal bleeding any more, and the vaginal fluid became normal. Test of mycoplasma was negative then. She kept taking pills for another 2 months and finally everything test normal.