Caution To The Taboos About Diet And Exercise Of Cystitis

Author: John
Time: 2016/7/13 13:50:13

The cystitis is the most common type of disease of the diseases in urinary system, which is characterized by frequent urine and urgent urinating and etc. These plaguing symptoms can have a directly adverse impact on patients' lives. Hence a timely treatment is highly necessary to secure a healthy life. In the course of treatment of the disease, extra attention should be paid besides a correct dosage of medicine so as to ensure a desirable curative effect, in addition , however, the restricted diet and exercise are indispensable in the course of treatment according to the regimen of traditional Chinese medicine.


The Taboos for Cystitis
At first, let us talk about the dietary taboos. Pertaining to a kind of inflammatory infection, the urocystitis can result from the intake of pungent food, so the patients must have a restricted intake of such food. In addition, several food like the vinegar and sour fruits should also be limited in order to avoid stimulating adversely urocystitis. Of course, the coffee is also listed in the tabooed food because it may lead to convulsive pain due to a bladder-related contraction. What is more, meat like the beef, goat flesh and etc as well as other food like the Chinese dates, desert and high-fat productions should be restricted, otherwise the symptoms will be aggravated. Patients should take some food that are favorable for urinating such as the houttuynia cordata, wax gourd, escargot, maize and mung beans, especially the houttuynia, as a kind of famous traditional Chinese medicine, which is also included in the ingredients of the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to disinfect.

Secondly, the role that the exercise plays should never be omitted. Too extensive and intense exercise is not suggested in case of the aggravation of symptoms. So a regular and proper degree of sport is highly recommended to facilitate the progress of treatment. But remember one point: never exercise too much, or it will be adversary to the treatment process.

More Notice Should be Taken of the Cystitis Treatment
The common popularity of the disease dose not necessarily mean it is less harmful. A urocystic fibrosis can occur duo to a long delay of timely and proper treatment, which may later develop into uremia. Thereby the treatment is of great significance. As for those patients who are in the early stage of urocystitis , the antibiotic medicine can be a choice according to the drug sensitive test. For others who have long suffered thge disease can choose the Chinese medicine treatment as an alternative. Like the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill as we have mentioned above, which has an exceptional effect on clearing the inner heat and poison, smoothing urine and invigorating the circulation of blood. All of the function can play an important role in the process of treating cystitis.

It is pivotal to pick out the best practice for treatment. While the remembering the do's and don't is also an integral part in this process. Both diet and exercise are really important, the point of which patients should bear in mind. Only by multi-facet combination can the treatment be proceeded toward better, thus taking the burden off the patients as soon as possible. Wish you all a quick rehabilitation and healthy life!

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