The price of the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills

Author: John
Time: 2016/7/4 14:12:22

The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with whole Chinese medicine ingredients is reported to have been, at present, the best curative medicine in clinical experience for curing the male diseases of urological reproductive system and the male and female urocystitis and urethritis. Through oral propaganda, the remarkable curative effect has been recognized by considerable patients. However, before taking the medicine, many patients are eagerly concerned with the price of the medicine, so how much dose it cost?



  The levels of the price depend on the cases of patients’ diseases. For example, patients with a minor disease take less medicine and so spend less money, and vice- versa. So we should look at the price on the basis of the cases of diseases.


  the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is the prescribed medicine from the Li Xiaoping traditional Chinese medicine and also acknowledged as a national patent for its remarkable curative effect. It has an ingredient comprehensively comprising semen plantaginis, talc, fringed pink, peach kernel, Chinese angelica, cordate houttuynia and the seed of cowherd and etc. On the basis of ancient medical instruction, the contents of the medicine are added or deducted in a proper way. It also features clearing heat and dissolving poison, invigorating the circulation of blood, relieving pains and smoothing urine. Usually it takes one course of treatment to manifest the alleviation of the recurrent symptoms and three courses to complete the treatment.


  Patients with a minor case can have his or her disease fully cured within two to three courses pf treatment, hence the price involved will be relatively less. If the patients have got a tough disease to treat, it usually needs three to four courses and cost higher than the previous one. Professional consultation will be provided for patients before the transaction. For specific information, visit our website http://www.diureticspill.com/ to acquire online service.


  Being traditional Chinese medicine, the ingredients all come from nature, thus explaining its lower cost than the western treatment. In addition, due to its nature-based constitutions of medicine, the fear can be dispelled that a relapse situation may come during the antibiotic treatment. The diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can greatly ameliorate the overall condition of the body through eradicating the root of disease, successfully tackling the symptoms and the root causes so as to save certain treatment fee by preventing a relapse.


  The inventor of the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill---- Li Xiaoping in Wu Han city. During his 30 years’ engagement in medicine and decades of clinical treatments, he has witnessed assorted patients, and of course know well about the importance of treatment on behalf of patents as well as the difficulty in the process of treatment. Therefore, in the price setting, pro-patients prices are here for the sake of the patients.                                                               


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