Cystitis Will Heal Itself by the Intake of More Water?

Author: john
Time: 2019/7/6 18:08:15

cystitis is a common urinary tract infectious disease, accounting for more than 60% of urinary tract infections, divided into acute cystitis and chronic cystitis. 

Most of the pathogenic bacteria are E. coli, accounting for more than 75% of the case especially for women, because the female urethra is shorter than the male one, and close to the anus, so it is easy for E. coli to invade. 

The main clinical manifestations of cystitis are frequency of urination, urgency of urination, urinary pain, urinary discomfort, lower abdominal pain, and terminal hematuria.


Many patients with cystitis know that drinking more water after the illness can be of great help to the improvement and recovery of the disease. Patients with cystitis must drink more water and urine frequently, so as to wash the urethra, dilute urine,  excrete most of the bacteria from the body and relieve inflammation in the bladder, so that the condition can be improved. 

Although drinking more water can relieve inflammatory symptoms of cystitis, it can not completely cure cystitis becauseof the following factors:

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1. It will gradually reduce the capacity of prostate, resulting in the return of urine in the ureter. Long-term infection will cause hydronephrosis and inflammation in the kidneys. Further, it can cause kidney necrosis or uremia. 

2. It can produce hematuria and increase the risk of bladder cancer. Hematuria seen in naked eye should be alerting, which is a unique abnormal signal of bladder cancer, about 85% of bladder cancer is caused by cystitis. 

3. It can cause tuberculosis. If the patients have a history of tuberculosis, there are still symptoms of urinary tract irritation or abnormal urinary sediment after active antibiotic treatment. This is an important sign of cystitis leading to renal tuberculosis.

Drinking more water for patients with cystitis will accelerate the excretion of bacteria and toxins in the body,  and with natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, because of its functions of diuresis and treating stranguria, detoxification and sterilization, promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi and relieving pain, the cystitis can be cured completely without recurrence.

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