Drinking wine worsens the symptoms of prostatitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/12/30 17:49:34

prostatitis has four types which are acute prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis and asymptomatic prostatitis. Most of the time, people who affect the last type prostatitis don’t need to take treatment, but as for the other three types, treatment are unavoidable.


During curing period, men may encounter such situations like the aggravated symptoms of prostatitis. Therefore, they tend to complain the failure of medications. But I would say, not all aggravation is caused by bad efficacy of medications. Actually, drinking wine can also worsen the symptoms of prostatitis.


Prostate gland is a small organ located at the base of the bladder with wrapped around the urethra. This gland has the layer which can protect it from bacteria invasion. Therefore most of the time, prostate is safe. However, just like a coin have two sides, the layer on prostate can also block effective materials penetrate the prostate and eliminate infection in prostate gland, when this gland is infected.


What’s more, the location of prostatitis is important, which makes up to 70% of the fluid of semen. Therefore, the blood circulation of prostate gland is important and cannot be sluggish. However, drinking wine can slow down the blood circulation of prostate gland, because the wine can make this gland congested.


You may wonder why healthy men who drink wine don’t have such problem. This is because the blood circulation of infected prostate gland is affected. When one drinks wine, the sluggish blood circulation would become worse. Therefore, people who have prostate problem have obvious experience on symptoms after drinking wine. Therefore, people who have prostatitis can experience aggravated symptoms of prostatitis.


To avoid this problem, people who have this problem should avoid drinking wine. What’s more, they also should build a regular sexual life. During the treatment, if antibiotics aren’t work, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good replacement. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can promote blood circulation and QI. Improve self-healing ability and immunity. Generally speaking, the prostatitis can be solved by this herbal medicine with round 3 months. After that men can enjoy drinking wine again. 

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