How to prevent prostatitis and get a natural prostatitis pain relief?

Author: John
Time: 2016/12/31 16:23:06

prostatitis is a stubborn disease, and it will cause many uncomfortable symptoms in men, including prosatatitis pain, pelvic pain and painful urination, frequent or urgent urination. And in daily life, some bad behaviors will also cause prostatitis symptoms like prostatitis pain, and to prevent prostatitis disease and get prostatitis pain relief, men should take notice to the following tips:

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(1)Avoid dink alcohol: alcohol use will result blood congestion around the whole body, and prostate are no exception. And muscle connective tissues grow around the prostate, so the prostate swelling is always inward glands swelling to the inside, since it’s easy to get infected and appear benign prostatic hyperplasia. And congestion and swelling in prostate and vesical neck can induce urinary retention. Some patients with prostatitis pain and drink alcohol may also have sexual dysfunction and male infertility.

(2)Do not sit for too long: office workers, drivers are the same group of people who always sit for too long. However, this habit can cause prostatitis. One the one hand, the abdominal pressure will increase the pressure of prostate; on the other hand, sitting position will cause when man sits, the prostate is in the horizontal position, the prostatic urethra part is parallel to the prostate orifice, and bacterial in urine can easily enter into the prostate tube, and cause inflammation. 

(3)Stay away from spicy foods: the spicy foods will stimulate the digestive tract, and cause urethral congestion, even constipation, which is bad for local metabolism of prostate, and leads to prostate inflammation. 

(4)Drink enough water: if body is dehydrated, it can lead to a slight metabolic disturbance. Urine concentration and harmful substances in urine can flow back into prostate tubes, and cause disease, that’s why people who do not drink water are easily get prostatitis. Generally speaking, drinking over 2000 ml water can dilute metabolites, and reduce the stimulation for prostate.

(5)Regular sexual lives: excessive sexual lives can cause prostate get congested for a long time, but long-term abstinence can also cause reflexive prostate congestion, which is a factor for prostatitis pain.

(6)Keep away from holding urine: the bladder get inflamed can cause micturition weakness and prostate hyperplasia. Prostate get congested for a long time will cause inflammation and which is the factor for prostatitis.

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