The Gospel of Male Genitourinary Diseases

Author: John
Time: 2019/8/2 15:49:07

Now with the development of Society, the higher and higher pressure and unhealthy diet has raised more and more diseases especially for males. Males have a full family need to support and can't stop working even one day, overload working and social engagement has caused them in sub-health conditions and diseases coming with like fatty liver, hypertension, andrology or even heart disease.

Then now we mainly talk about the main andrology and the causing reasons, how to get rid of those kinds of diseases and if having it unfortunately, how to cure it and the advantages or disadvantages of each curing method.

Such as epididymitis, urocystitis, prostatitis, UTI, weak sperm, abnormal sperm, no sperm, prostate infection, infertility, erectile difficulty and so on can all be classified as andrology.


But why nowadays there're so many kinds of male diseases, the disease can commonly happen on the males who have sexual experience, high pressure, casual sex, inflammation of other tissues and unhealthy lifestyles like inactivity, over-drinking, smoking, staying up late and lack of personal general hygiene and so on.

How to avoid those kinds of diseases happening? Firstly we should get rid of promiscuity and keep clean and hygienic sex life. Secondly, we need to keep healthy and avoid foods high in cholesterol, eating more vegetables, fruits and fishes which are advisably recommended. Moreover, keeping reasonable training and enough sleeping is also important. 

If unfortunately we get those kinds of diseases, then how to cure it? Making timely diagnose is essential and totally needed. Then after definitely diagnosis, we need the correct treatments. For mild diseases or incipient stage, now there's a generally widely affirmed pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill among hospitals and patients due to effective working, safety, no side effect and so on. 

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Also the medication is being able to widely used in conjunction with post-operative treatment to make patients recovery quickly. Besides, there're other methods like surgeries and physical therapies, but those methods could produce the risks like high cost, failure and repeated attack.

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