Treatments of chlamydia infection in men and women

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2013/8/20 18:03:55

chlamydia, as one of pathogens, is a disease that both women and men can have. Although both men and women can have this disease, most of its victims are women, because of the specific reproductive organs. Because of this situation, the aim of this article is telling women how to treat chlamydia infection.

As a doctor, I always asked by chlamydia infection patients that what the effective treatment of chlamydia infection is. In order to help more and more women to get rid of this disease, so I write this article.

First, thanks for trust from my patients. In some certain item, chlamydia can lead to cervical infection, premature delivery, miscarriage, and urinary tract infections, especially when it combines with other pathogens, such as gonococcus. If women have chlamydia infection, many serious condition and complications can occur including tubal conditions, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. In fact, chlamydia trachomatis grow widely in cervix uteri and male and female urinary system.

Symptoms of chlamydia infection in women
Chlamydia can not only cast its net wider to the whole genital reproductive organs instead of urethra merely. Plus, cervix is the main target to be infected, and its sequela is infertility. However, after long time being infected and spreaded, lession huge must befall huge damage. Usually, subjective symptoms are not so noticeable or sometimes, they are too slight.

Treatment of chlamydia infection in women
Now we all know the symptoms, complication and the causes of chlamydia, so it is easy for us to choose a suitable treatment. Actually, there is no best treatment. The best treatment is the one most suitable one. If you have had acute chlamydia, the best treatment is taking antibiotic. If chlamydia is chronic type, the best treatment ways is taking herbal medicine. There are two kind of herbal medicine. Men should choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and women should choose Fuyan Pill.