3 Misunderstandings of Prevention of Genital Infections

Author: John
Time: 2016/7/19 14:48:55

Genital infection is one of the common diseases among female, not only vaginitis but also pelvic inflammatory disease are included. In addition that some females are influenced by some misunderstandings, those mistakes can cause direct or indirect damages to their health. So, to prevent female from genital infection, 3 misunderstandings need to be corrected.


The First Mistake: To Avoid Sexual Contact Could Cut Off Genital Infection

Many females consider that vaginitis is mostly caused by the redundant prepuce of partner; because this region carried with numerous bacterial, even include sexual transmitted diseases. So, is this really true? We know that reproductive infection can be divided into 3 kinds: endogenous infection, nosocomial infection and sexual transmitted infection.
Endogenous infection is referred to the microorganism in genital tract, for example the vagina, overgrow due to some factors, and break the previous balance of the flora, then make the patients present the infection symptoms. And the diseases like mould sex vaginitis or bacterial vaginitis belong to this kind of infection. Nosocomial infection is caused by insanitation or a lax of disinfection of medical operation, such as disinfect lax cases of placing or taking off vaginal ring, induced abortion and other mistakes. These unsanitary medical operations can cause endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other female reproductive diseases. Sexual transmitted infection refers to the infection caused by sexual activities like gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis. Since, it can be seen that not only sexual contact can cause genital diseases. As a result, only by avoiding sexual contact cannot prevent genital infection.

The Second Mistake: Just Keeping Good Personal Hygiene Can Prevent Infection
Some people pay too much attention to their personal hygiene; they clean their private parts more than one time a day, and even use laveur to wash inside of vagina. They think they can avoid reproductive diseases by this way. In fact, this kind of cleaning way not only will not avoid genital infection, but also cause flora unbalanced, and destroy the intrinsic protection mechanism, which make female are more likely to infect mould sex vaginitis and bacterial vaginitis, and even pelvic inflammatory disease. In America, vaginal douche has been recognized as a harmful activity to be discarded. In recent years, WTO also appeals many times to reduce the drug cleaning of private parts, in order to avoid reproductive diseases. However, currently, many female still continue their activity of vaginal douche, and regard it as the self-protective activity.

The Third Mistake: No Symptoms Indicate No Infections

The most common infections in genital tract is vaginitis, it is said that 80% of adult women are infected with different levels of vaginitis. Its typical symptoms present as the leucorrhea to be excessively many, unpleasant smell, and genital itching. However, after a period of treatment, these discomfort symptoms will disappear. Since, many women hold a view that no obvious symptoms indicate there is no sexual transmitted diseases. Is that true? In fact, such opinions are wrong and even dangerous.

It has been discovered that many females are infected with genital infections with no symptoms; even more diseases with serious outcomes are more likely to present no clinical symptoms and signs. For example, gonorrhea can cause ectopic pregnancy, infertility and other serious outcomes; however, more than 50% infected women with no symptoms. This presentation of no symptoms doesn't mean no infection, but lesions still develop on the quiet. The disease not only can transmit to others by sexual contact, but also cause irreversible damage to their own selves.

Through the above simple introduction, we believe that everybody could have a new clear recognition of preventions of reproductive disease. So, what is the best way to prevent genital infections?

How Does Women Could Prevent Genital Infections?
1.    Do cleaning when having sex. Before having sex, please clean your private parts, if your partner has redundant prepuce, it's essential to turn it over during cleaning.
2.    Keep your private parts dry, the best way is to change your underwear frequently. From the viewpoint of medicine, the loose cotton underwear with good air permeability is better than the popular underpants and slimming underwear.
3.    Take contraception work to reduce the opportunity of pregnancy, and to avoid the infection and damage of genital tract caused by the instruments of induced abortion.
4.    Healthy women just need to clean their private parts just one time. And there is no need to use drug and soap during the cleaning, nor vaginal douche neither.
5.    Take gynecological examinations regularly. WTO appeals each woman need to accept gynecological examinations by professional doctors at least 2 times, to detect their lesion as soon as possible.
For female, after knowing these 3 misunderstandings are wrong and take the correct preventions, they could really reduce their infection rate of sexual transmitted disease.

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