Fuyan pill-- the TCM treatment in Wuhan for endometrial hyperplasia patients

Author: John
Time: 2014/6/2 13:34:59

The thickened endometrium can be divided into physiological endometrial thickening and endometrial hyperplasia. For the first, there is no need for a treatment. However, if it is the second, patients should receive timely treatment. At present, as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can both treat the symptoms and root causes, it is widely adopted by endometrial hyperplasia patients. And in this article, the author will mainly introduce the best TCM treatment of endometrial hyperplasia in Wuhan, China.

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First of all, let's take a look at why TCM is a better choice in treating endometrial hyperplasia.

Compared with western medicine treatment, TCM has more noticeable effects. For the endometrial hyperplasia treatment, western medicine therapy mainly adopts drug therapy like ovulation induction drugs or hormone drugs, or operations such as curettage or hysterectomy.

However, western medicine treatments can only act as a temporary solution; they cannot permanently cure the disease. Drug therapy to treat endometrial hyperplasia by stimulating ovulation or inhibiting estrogen can only decrease the symptoms. They failed to eradicate the disease. And despite of the fact that curettage surgery can scrape off the thickened endometrium, it cannot remove the lesions. Besides, although the hysterectomy can completely cure endometrial hyperplasia, it will bring great damage to the patients, making them infertile.

The conservative treatment TCM treatment regulates the patient's internal environment, helping to eliminate endometrial thickness. In addition, it is safe and has no side effects. Therefore, TCM is a better choice in treating endometrial hyperplasia.

What's the TCM treatment in Wuhan for endometrial hyperplasia patients?

The word "endometrial hyperplasia" doesn't appear in TCM, but its main symptom—long-term irregular vaginal bleeding belongs to the category of "metrorrhagia and metrostaxis" in TCM. TCM holds the view that the main cause of this disease is the dampness and heat in the lower energizer, obstructed qi and blood circulation and the abnormal flow of the blood spillover. So in the treatment, corresponding treatment should be adopted. Medicines should be able to remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and release pain. Clinical tests have proved that oral herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is very effective in treating endometrial hyperplasia.

Fuyan pill was created by Wuhan Dr. Lee who has more than 30 years of clinical experience. With the effects of clearing heat, eliminating toxins, nourishing spleen and dispel dampness, fuyan pill works well in removing various symptoms. In addition, the anti-proliferation, anti-calcification and anti-fibrosis effects can effectively remove the tissue lesions of gynecological diseases, thus curing the disease thoroughly. The proper treatment that has no side effect is a great advantage in comparison with western medicine treatment.

When diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, patients can take fuyan pill for the treatment. It is a national patent medicine which has been proved by SIPO. And it's proved be an effective treatment in many years of clinical practices. If the patients can take the pills and follow the doctor's advice, they can be throughly healed.