Women Must Read This: How to Cure Hydrosalpinx Naturally?

Author: John
Time: 2015/12/3 9:43:30

A young lady was only 24, after getting married for one year, she was not pregnant still, so her parents and parents in low worried about this problem very much. After being urged by them, she and her husband went to a hospital to get a check. The result showed that everything is ok with her husband, but she had hydrosalpinx. The doctor asked her if she had uncomfortable feelings, she said only a little sour in waist and abdomen pain, she didn't think it is serious at her age. The doctor felt very strange that the lady had very good personal hygiene and had no other gynecological inflammation, why she had hydrosalpinx? Which way is the best for her to cure her disease, natural way, medical way or surgery?


Artificial abortion which was not suitable caused tube blockage
When talking only with the doctor, the lady said she did an artificial abortion in the past, for having no money, the surgery was done in a small clinic. Till now the dcotor deduced that the infection was caused by the unsuitable artificial abortion, and this led to tube blockage and adhesion, secretion of mucosa cells stayed in lumen and caused hydrosalpinx.

Even though tubes are small things in a woman's body, but their opening or not is very important for whether women can get pregnant. So we can say tubes are pipelines for the happiness in family. However, hydrosalpinx is a big obstacle on the road to family happiness. Not the same as tube blockage, infertility caused by hydrosalpinx is hard to be treated. Therefore, experts suggested women that once any kind of gynecological inflammation is found, try to cure it as soon as possible, this can help avoid serious result like hydrosalpinx.

Causes of hydrosalpinx
1. Directly cause is salpingitis.
2. Idirect causes are uterus infeciton caused by abortion or giving birth to a baby, serious hydrosalpinx caused by several times hydrotubation, inflammation after gynecological operations, infection of organs close by like appendicitis, peritonitis and etc, careless during period or unclean sex.

1. Salpingography
2. Ultrasound
3. Laparoscope

1. For patients have no apparent symptoms or wish of having a baby, the disease can be observed without a treatment, but if the patient wants to have a baby, then surgery can be chosen. But this will leave wound and pain to patients, if not done correctly by a professional doctor, patients may lose the chance to have a baby.
2. Natural treatment. Foods like abalone, pigeon eggs,  squid, octopus, quail, black-bone chicken, sea cucumber, shark fin, bird's nest, sea horse, hawthorn,  porcine pancreatic, sunflower flower, sea crab and etc are good to be eaten.
3. TCM, there is one kind very good called Fuyan Pill, it is safe and green like food we eat and patients can be cured usually within several months without any side effect, drug resistance, pain or wound.

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