Dietotherapy Formula for Improving Sperm Quality

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Time: 2019/5/18 16:14:26

Normal semen which a man has just ejaculated out tend to apear appreciably sticky, pulled with a dip, and is usually creamy or grayish in color. About 10 to 20 minutes after ejaculation, the clot slowly becomes translucent, and that means the semen is normal.

Presence of sperm non-liquefaction

Normal semen is in a state of mobility, and when ejaculated semen is not liquefied within an hour, this is the emergence of sperm non-liquefaction, which means the sperm cannot do normal movement, an indication of the sperm abnormality.



Blood in sperm refers to the semen contains blood. If the bloody sperm is serious, blood will be evident with the naked eye, and if the symptom is only mild, then you need to use a microscope to detect it. When a man's semen appears be mixed with blood, it is also a sign of sperm abnormalities.

In addition, the semen color is normally milky white, if it appears to be slightly yellowish or green, then the male genitalia could have some inflammed diseases, and it requires the immediate medical examination and treatment.

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Dietotherapy Formula for Improving Sperm Quality

Sea cucumber porridge

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Ingredients: sea cucumber, glutinous rice, spring onion.

Way of cooking: First have sea cucumber washed and sliced. Then do the same to spring onions, and get glutinous rice washed. Pour proper amount of water into casserole, add sea cucumber slices in when the water is boiled, stew it unitl it's tender. Then add glutinous rice until the porridge is done, add seasoning and chopped green onions.

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