Can tubal adhesion bring infertility to women?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/12/21 11:12:34

Can tubal adhesion bring infertility to women? Tubal adhesion is a condition of infection. Actually, it is a result of untreated chronic salpingitis. Therefore, preventing the chronic salpingitis is avoiding tubal adhesion. 


Tubal adhesion can be classified into three types which are distal tubal adhesion, midsegment tubal adhesion and proximal tubal adhesion. If left untreated, tubal adhesion can bring so many consequences to people.

Tubal adhesion can block the converging of egg and sperm and lead to infertility. Sometimes, when the adhesion isn’t severe, tubal pregnancy which is dangerous is possible too. Therefore, tubal adhesion should be cured timely.  Here are the consequences that tubal adhesion can bring to women:


As I mentioned before that tubal adhesion is a consequence of untreated chronic salpingitis, therefore, infection is easy to be found in fallopian tube. The infection in fallopian tubes can spread to other organs easily. So symptoms like sticky vaginal discharge can be caused.

2.Tubal pregnancy

When the tubal adhesion isn’t severe that allows sperm to pass through. Tubal pregnancy is possible. Tubal pregnancy is dangerous, for massive haemorrhage can be caused. If this problem cannot be solved timely, the tuba might be removed too.


The severe consequence of tubal adhesion is infertility. Fallopian tube is fortress for sperm pass and converge with egg. Once there is adhesion, sperm is unable to pass through the fallopian tube and fertilize with egg. Therefore, this is how the infertility happens.

Therefore, tubal adhesion can bring infertility to women. And the change is very high. Tubal adhesion is curable and Fuyan Pill is an excellent choice. Fuyan pill can activate blood and resolve stasis, soften hardness and dissipate mass, clear heat and resolve dampness, and promote immunity and self-healing ability. Normally, tubal adhesion can be solved by this herbal medicine with around 3 months. 

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