Effective Herbs to Cure Severe Hydrosalpinx

Author: John
Time: 2016/4/25 16:10:27

Hydrosalpinx always can be an intractable disease for the vulnerable female groups, especially severe hydrosalpinx. As for the treatment towards severe hydrosalpinx, in the most cases, western medicine recommends serveral kinds of surgeries. However, TCM provides effective herbs to cure hydrosalpinx, which is a natural way with no side effects, particularlly essentail for the reprosuctive women.

Hydrosalpinx is a common one of chronic salpingitis. It caused by salpingitis or the adhesion as well as the block of the Fallopian tube. This result may caused by the secretions of mucosa cells accumulating inside the lumen, or the salpingitis occurring in isthmus or adhesion in tube umbrella. These blocked materials will take shape of pyosalpinx, as these pyocytes being absorbed, they finally change into the watery fluid, and some fluid among them will be absorbed, only remain the ghost, which become the water shadow in HSG.

The symptoms of hydrosalpinx generally manifests as the abdominal pain, disorder menstruation, infertility, dysmenorrhea, an increase of vaginal discharge. And the severe patients may have fever stimulated by inflammation.

In regard to it’s treatment, salpingostomy is a common method, and antibiotics are also widely used in treating hydrosalpinx. But both methods accompanied with side effects. Salpingostomy easily cause relapse and antibiotics likely to generate drug tolerance and resistance. In this case, natural treatment like herbal medicine is a good way to cure hydrosalpinx, because herbs possess good curative effect with no side effects.

The characters of Fuyan Pill is its strong sterilizing power, which can eliminate various bacterium, virus within 3 months, change the positive chlamydia, mycoplasma, gonorrhea into negative, its function of anti-hyperplasia and anti-fibrosis, playing a good role in negotiating Fallopain tube, then works to relive pain, regulate the menstruation.

In the mean time, as the complete formula, Fuyan pill could also curing the inflammation in other places, such as cervix, uterus, pelvis, ovary and genital areas. These physiological tissues interact with each other, with the same symptoms as abnormal leukorrhea, painful menstruation, disorder menstruation, low back pain. However, Fuyan pill is effective in treating all these symptoms by its overall function.

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