Six tips on preventing Pelvic effusion

Author: John
Time: 2014/9/18 10:40:45

When talking about pelvic effusion, many females may be greatly frightened because it can make them think about PID. In fact, Pelvic effusion is one of the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

It can be divided into physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion. Physiological pelvic effusion often occurs after ovulation and early period of pregnancy and it can disappear naturally without any treatment. However, pathological pelvic effusion is most likely to imply some pelvic diseases and patients have to see a doctor in time.

In order to prevent Pelvic effusion, there are some pieces of advice to help you keep far away from it.

1. You have to take special diet and nutrition under different conditions. For example, during a fever you should eat light digestible diet; patients with high thermal injury may be given pear juice, Apple Juice or Watermelon Juice drinking. Suitable diet and nutrition can improve the body immunity when you are sick. So it is also helpful to reduce infection of pelvic cavity.

2. During the menstrual period, after and on the flow, or gynecological vaginal bleeding after operation, it is important to avoid sexual life, swimming, bath, sauna etc. it can make pathogenic bacteria have less opportunity to enter pelvic cavity and cause infection.

3. Keeping the perineum clean and dry is a good way to prevent Pelvic effusion. It is better to clean the vulva with water every night and you'd better do it with the special basin. Meanwhile, you must not wash the vagina by the hand with soap.

4. Do not wear over-tight underwear or chemical fiber texture. Change your underwear regularly. After washing underwear, you'd better put it under the blazing sun for quite a long time.

5. Make contraception work and try to reduce the abortion harm, because abortion is most likely to cause pelvic diseases.

6. Once diagnosed as acute or subacute pelvic effusion, you have to take the treatment in time. Be sure to stay in bed and have a good rest in order to avoid severer infection of pelvic cavity.

All in all, you should pay close attention to pelvic effusion and take immediate examinations if there are symptoms like abdominal pain and lower swollen abdomen. Once diagnosed as pathological pelvic effusion which is mostly caused by infection, patients can take Chinese herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill which is made from pure natural herbs and is effective to cure this disease without any side effect as the therapeutic method.