Sitz Bath Can Help to Treat Urinary Tract Infection

Author: John
Time: 2019/7/15 21:23:33

Urinary tract infection is a common clinical disease. The incidence of female urinary tract infection is 9 times higher than that of male. Most women will have two or more urinary tract infections in their lifetime. Repeated urinary tract infections in women refer to infections confirmed by culture at least twice in six months or at least three times in one year. The clinical manifestations are frequent urination, urgency, pain, dysuria, pain in the upper pubic region or lower abdomen, hematuria or turbidity of urine, etc. The disease is prone to repeated reinfection. 

After each attack, the body's defense function is often damaged and lasts for several months. Each reinfection weakens the body's resistance, thus forming a vicious cycle. For patients with recurrent urinary tract infections, besides antimicrobial therapy or prevention, good living habits play an extremely important role in treatment and prevention. Good living habits can greatly prevent urinary tract infections.

In order to prevent it, we should pay attention to hygiene, avoid direct infection through sexual intercourse and other indirect infections; do not use antibiotics indiscriminately, wear cotton underwear and underwear with good air permeability, change underwear frequently, soak them in hot water and expose them to the sun, then we can effectively kill germs; vaginitis patients can take Fuyan Therapy to prevent recurrence, and sitz bath for prevention. During acute inflammation, you should rest in bed, reduce friction during activities; avoid sexual intercourse during treatment; usually you should wear loose and breathable clothes, avoid tight pants, jeans and other clothing; in addition, underwear is best to be cotton, washed and dried in the sun.

Urinary tract infection, if not treated promptly and effectively, may cause bacterial infection in the vagina, causing gynecological diseases such as cervicitis or cervical erosion; some vaginal inflammation may also involve other organs, causing pelvic inflammation, accessory inflammation and other genital inflammation; serious cases of female infertility, which may occur. Because the inflammatory cells in the vagina can affect the operation of sperm or swallow sperm, resulting in infertility.

Therapeutic measures: different types of urinary tract infections can be treated with systemic or local treatment, or with lotion to wash the vagina; for basic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to actively treat diabetes mellitus to eliminate the incentives; young women with infection to keep the vulva clean and dry, and use conventional drug treatment; elderly infections to give Estrogen replacement therapy or other treatment; women with urinary tract infection can be symptomatic treatment with traditional herbal medicine Fuyan Pill Therapy.

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