Sitz bath in TCM

Author: John
Time: 2014/8/20 11:08:13

While sitz bath with some herbs has become more and more popular, some people are still unfamiliar with this adjuvant treatment in TCM. Therefore, the brief introduction about sitz bath is followed.

First, the special tub is needed. For sitz bath, it is necessary to use the special tub, which is convenient for patients to stand or sit inside. When having sitz bath, this special tub doesn't allow the water to splash out.

Then, the suitable temperature is also required. Different temperature has the different curative effect. for example, the temperature of 105-115°F can make people stimulation and relaxation; the temperature of 55-75°F is helpful to strengthen the tone of smooth muscle; the normal temperature of 68°F has the effect on calmness. And the time of sitz bath is about 2 to 10 minutes.

Besides, there are some tips on having a sitz bath that you need to pay attention to.
Firstly, when having a sitz bath, you need to keep warm in the winter and avoid the cold wind in the summer.

The temperature need to be suitable. If you have the bath for a long time, you need to heat the water which makes the temperature rises again. Only by continuously warm sitz bath can you get the favorable effect. However, it is harmful to have too high temperature for your skin will be scald.

In the hot summer, the boiled herbs need to be used up in one day. If you continue to use those herbs on the second day, it is possible to lead to untoward effect and affect the remedy, because the boiled herbs are easy to go bad in the hot summer.

When boiling the herbs, you need to add about 500ml water and the herbs into a pot. Then you have to turn down the fire and keep boiling for about 20 minutes after the herbs are boiling with the big fire. You can have a sitz bath twice in a day.

As an adjuvant treatment, sitz bath has its curative effect of unique. For example, Sitz bath is helpful to increase the blood circulation of abdomen and pelvic organs. However, it cannot cure diseases from the root. And the Chinese herbal medicines are recommended to use when you have a sitz bath. Only by this way, can you cure the diseases from the root that never reappear.