What’s the relationship between chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/12/28 19:38:17

prostatitis is a condition that refers infection in the prostate gland. This condition can be classified into acute prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis five types.


However, if you do a little research, you will notice that the chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome are stick together. Therefore, what are the differences and similarities of the two?


Differences of chronic prostatitis and CPPS

To answer this question, the characters or the features of the two should be figured out. For chronic prostatitis, pain can be experience and white blood cells can be detected, but no bacteria can be found. As for the chronic pelvic pain syndrome, only pain can be felt, bacteria and white blood cells are zero. Thereby, the two has some differences. Therefore, first one can also be called nonbacterial prostatitis and the later one is also known as prostatodynia.


Similarities of chronic prostatitis and CPPS

Since the two has so many in differences, why people still put the two together most of the time? Because the chronic prostatitis they refer to mostly is the chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Therefore, the chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome always show up together.


The symptoms of the chronic prostatitis and CPPS:

The pain that locates around the penis, anus or the lower abdomen or the lower back is typical to see on men who have this problem. Sometimes, this pain can also spread down to the tip of penis or to the testicles.

Urinary symptom is the second typical symptom category of them. Men with this problem can experience mild pain while passing urine, urgent urination, frequent urination, slim urine flow and so on.

Sexual problem which contains impotence, ejaculation, painful sex is the third typical symptom category of chronic prostatitis or CPPS.


Treatment of chronic prostatitis and CPPS

Antibiotics and alpha-adrenergic blockers are frequently prescribed treatment. Since the antibiotics always fail on chronic prostatitis and CPPS. As for the alpha-adrenergic blockers, it helps relax muscles of the prostate gland. Recently, a herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill gains its popularity in the world. This herbal medicine can promote blood circulation and QI, clear away heat and toxic materials, enhance immunity and self-healing ability. It is the best treatment option of chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.


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