A Good News for You: The Best Treatment of Adenomyosis Is Already Found

Author: 佚名
Time: 2015/11/20 11:07:57

As a common disease, Adenomyosis troubles a lot of women. Even though the symptoms are not serious, the disease still needs to be treated well, or it can be more serious and bring more pain and uncomfort to women. What is the best treatment? Combination of diet therapies and TCM.


Diet therapies
1.    It is good to eat more foods which have the function of anti-cervical cancer, like artichoke, melon, water chestnut, perl barley, dark plum, oyster, soft-shelled turtle and sea horse.
2.    When bleeding, it is good to eat shark fin, sea cucumber, mackerel, black fungus, mushroom, mussel and broad bean.
3.    When getting edema, it is good to eat sturgeon, ulva, red bean, maize, carp, dace, loach, clam, duck and lettuce.
4.    When having pain in waist, it is good to eat lotus seed, walnut, perl barley, Chinese chives, plum, chestnut, taros, soft-shelled turtle, jellyfis, horseshoe crab and swimming crabs.

TCM treatment
For Chinese herb medicine is safe and green like food we eat, so taking a type of TCM which is called Fuyan Pill can be a good choice. After taking this pill, patients can be cured commonly within several months. TCM won't cause any side effect, and patients will not suffer any pain or wound caused by surgeries.

Also prevention is necessary to prevent patients getting the disease again. Such as:
1.    Avoid unnecessary gynecological examination during period, even when this kind of examination is necessary, make sure uterus won't be squeezed too much, in order to prevent endometrium from coming into tubes by squeezing and cause abdominal endometrial planting.
2.    Avoid Intrauterine surgery during period, such as Tubal Patency Test must be done about 3-7 days after period, if this were done before the time, endometrial debris can come into enterocoelia by tubes, and cause ectopic implantation.
3.    Try your best to avoid gynecological surgery when period is coming, if the surgery is necessary, then avoid squeezing and be gentle.
4.    Stick to contraception, don't do artificial abortion or do it seldom, for suction evacuation is used, if the pressure in the surgery or the way of the surgery is not suitable, blood will backflow into enterocoelia and cause endometriosis planting.
5.    Patients with extreme retroflexion, narrow cervix or vagina, geneogenous have no vagina but have uterus or cervical adhesion can get discharge difficulty of blood in period or the blood is not able to be discharged, endometriosis caused by backflow of blood during period. So if getting these diseases, patients need to get active treatment, prevent the appearance of endometriosis.
6.    Avoid iatrogenic planting. When getting myomectomy, especially for patients whose uterus were penetrated or getting cesarean delivery, wound left by surgery must be protected well, in case endometriosis in abdominal incision caused by endometrial debris planting in wound, or pelvic endometriosis caused by pelvic planting.
7.    Be careful of personal hygiene, don't have sex during period.

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