Adenomyosis Can Be Common Cause Of Period Cramps

Author: John
Time: 2016/5/3 15:31:59

Adenomyosis and period cramps can be a painful problem among women, while period cramps even appear without any reason, maybe after an uterus operation or a gradually severe pain, which makes your period unbearable, only relieved by oral painkiller. Generally, except for cramps, symptoms as hypermenorrhea, sexual pain, hysterauxesis and infertility will also come along with this cramps.

Adenomyosis is caused by the ectopia of endometrium move to mesometrium, according to its focus distribution, it can be divided into diffuse type and focal type (endometriomas).

The cause of adenomyosis is not clear, it may relate to the injury of endometrium or genetic factors. It's suggested by the pathological specimens that, the endometrium can be seen growing in myometrium among adenomyosis patients. While during the period, these endometrial glands will also bleed like the normal endometrium, however, this blood cannot exclude, and gather in the muscular layer. The obstruction of blood cause pain in body, as well as the severe period cramps.

Ultrasonic examination and Magnetic resonance imaging can test adenomyosis. If the the test shows the uterus enlarged, muscle wall become thick, or appear some cyst cavity with various sizes, even the disorder layers of structure, as well as the blood serum CA125 increased, these symptoms indicates that the patients have got andenomyosis.

The treatment for adenomyosis can be distinguished according to the physical condition of different patients. If the patients accompanied with little symptoms, she could take the oral anti-inflammatory medicine and try pregnant. While herbal medicine could be a best way to nurture female's body, like TCM medicine Fuyan Pill, with the functions of eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation, which help the adenomyosis patients removing its stasis.

For the patients with severe hypermenorrhea and anemia, they could choose the surgery method, but this method do have the side effects.However, except that, 1-4 months Fuyan pill could help patients get a radical cure without depriving their infertility ability.

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