Pangolin scales can work as the auxiliary prescription for tubal blockage

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2014/11/19 9:46:21

Long long ago, the ancient Chinese medical experts who named Lishizhen said: pangolin scales can be used to cure evil sores, thus showing the obvious evidence that this medicine is being used from ancient. However, what I want to stress here is that not only do pangolin scales can cure evil sores, but also can work as the auxiliary prescription for tubal blockage.

Why does pangolin scales can cure tubal blockage?

In the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), tubal blockage is caused by poor blood circulation, thus leading to the symptoms such as irregular menses, lower abdominal, painful intercourse, etc. Therefore, the main step for doctor to cure this disease is to promote blood circulation and to remove blood stasis, thus helping to keep balance of human bodies. As you can see, the final purpose of treatment is to eliminate inflammation.

Pangolin scales has the functions of regulating channels and improving the poor blood circulation, what's more, pangolin scales can be regarded as "guider" of the herbal medicine which helps enter the channels and collaterals and cure the disease.

Expert said: Pangolin scales can work as the auxiliary prescription

It seems that pangolin scales can be available to tubal blockage; however, they are auxiliary prescription after all, therefore, "there is necessary to seek another effective treatment for the patients." Dr. Lee (Known as the experts in the female and male reproductive and urinary system diseases) said.

Dr. Lee added: Pangolin scales can not play an important role in curing tubal blockage if you take it alone. That is the reasons why we call pangolin scales as the auxiliary prescription instead of the treatment method. According to speech of experts, we may need to seek effective treatments.

What is the best treatment for patients?

If you are seeking effective treatment, you may need to know "There is no best, just better". Therefore, if you are willing to take pangolin scales, you'd better take related herbal such as Fuyan Pill at the same time as it is more reasonable according to the traditional Chinese medicine.

We may just take fuyan pill for example. This medicine has the functions of promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis, thus helping improve poor blood circulation and dissipate hard lumps. What's more, the effect will be better if you take pangolin scales at the same time as they have the functions of helping to release efficacy.

Note: You'd better stop take the medicine during your periods, however, if you have black blood clots, you may need to take it with your doctor's permission.