Can Hydrosalpinx and Tubal Blockage Be Prevented?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/9/11 17:11:50

Fallopian tube is one of the most important part of women's reproductive system in terms of fertility. When hydrosalpinx or tubal blockage develops, the chance of getting pregnant reduces. Even tubal conditions sometimes occurs unilaterally, the salpingitis which causes the condition may spread to the other tube and cause blockage or hydrosalpinx as well. So how can hydrosalpinx or tubal blockage be prevented?

A hydrosalpinx is a descriptive term and refers to a fluid filled dilatation of the fallopian tube. Hydrosalpinx is caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes, sometimes pelvic inflammatory disease( PID). Tubal blockage is a condition which is caused by PID as well. So preventing PID is the most important part in preventing hydrosalpinx and tubal blockage.

Pelvic inflammatory disease risk factors including:
- Sexual transmitted infections.
- Infection when having an abortion or delivery.
- IUDs.
- Tubercle bacillus infection.
- Parasite.

Aa a result, to avoiding above medical procedures or unsafe sexual intercourse can highly reduce the risk of tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx. Meanwhile, it is also important to have pelvic inflammatory disease controlled and treated promptly in case complications occurs.