Tips on Vaginitis Treatment with Fuyan Pill

Author: John
Time: 2019/2/21 18:06:38

There are many causes of vaginitis, of course, there are many ways to treat vaginitis, as for why your vaginitis cannot be cured for a long time? This is related to many factors, such as living habits, and if the medicines taken symptomatic? Is there any taboo while taking medicine?

Of course, one of the most important factors -- stop taking medicine when it's slightly better. Many patients in the treatment of gynecological inflammation, while the symptoms disappeared, they stopped taking medicine or pills immediately not to Consolidate medication for the next months, resulting in long-lasting consequences. Today, let's talk about what should be paid attention to when taking Fuyan Pill to treat vaginitis.

1, Taking medicine is not thorough. In fact, vaginitis is the most easily cured disease in gynecologic diseases. Why is the hat "permanently cured" will buckle on its head? There are two main reasons for this: The First, medicine they took is not directed at this symptom; The Second, taking medicine is not thorough and stopping the medicine when they see the condition is improved, It's not only just bad for the recovery of the disease but also leads to the deterioration and pathological changes of the disease. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to it and take it lightly, none stop before it going too far.

2, Avoiding spicy food, spicy food is easy to eat hot and dry, so that the visceral heat toxin accumulation, with the symptoms of swollen and painful in gums, soreness in tongue and mouth, short urine, burning of the anus, anterior and posterior itching and pain of the pudenda even other symptoms, so that the symptoms of this disease increased.

3, Pay attention to nutrition, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, to Keep your stool clear, drink more water, and prevent urinary tract infections, eat some food with antimicrobial function, for example, Purslane, Houttuynia Cordata, Kalimeris, Chrysanthemum, etc.

4, Avoiding seafood, such as Osmanthus Fragrans, Yellow Croaker, Hairtail, Black Fish, Shrimp and Crab, and other aquatic products can  promote dampness and heat, after eating can make vulva itching increase, is not conducive to the inflammation subsided.

5, In fact, during the summer, many women suffer from Mycotic Vaginitis, this situation we must be careful to clean the vagina thoroughly to keep it healthy, the best choice is to use gynecological lotion clean three times a week.

6, Avoiding sweet, greasy foods, such as lard, pork, cream, butter, suet, high sugar foods such as chocolate, sweets, desserts, cream cakes, etc, these foods have a moisturizing and heating effect, can increase the secretion and treatment effect.

7, Food is mainly light in taste, Japonica rice, Glutinous Rice, Yam, Lentils, Lotus Seeds, Lilies, Dates, Longan Meat, Chestnuts, Black Sesame, Black Soybean, Walnut Kernels, Eggs to supply nutrition which body needs.

How long can Fuyan Pill cure vaginitis?

Generally speaking, after a comprehensive examination of the patients and an analysis of the causes, Dr. Lee prescribes drugs reasonably according to the patients' own physical condition, It found that there are plenty of earlier patients whose illness is relatively mild generally take 1-2 courses of treatment. 

But some patients suffer from physical disorders caused by drug abuse, which requires physical conditioning, generally taking the course for a long time, which may take more than 3 courses. But the general condition of patients can be cured in a 1-3 course of treatment, If you take it continuously for a long time, the effect will be better, which can eliminate pathogens, prevent the occurrence of other diseases.

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