Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia in Men

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/4/9 15:15:17

Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia in Men

Herbal Treatment for chlamydia in Men - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
How to cure chlamydia infection in men?

Actually, the treatments to chlamydia infection are always a noticeable problem after the finding of chlamydia. But this problem has puzzled chlamydia infection patients and medical practitioners. Patients may suffer from several system damages, such as respiratory system, reproductive system, urinary system, arthrosis and conjunctiva and etc after infected by chlamydia. Especially, to the reproductive system, because of the powerful infectivity, wide infected people, serious damage to human body and superior difficulty treatments, chlamydia infection is the top topic in medical domain. To treat this infection, except for antibiotics, chlamydia herbal treatment is also possible.

The symptoms of chlamydia infection have relationship with entire urinary system organs. Because of obscure symptoms, patients would neglect to cure chlamydia infection. Finally, the chlamydia would diffuse to the inner body and produce serious damage. Totally speaking, in the term of chlamydia infection symptoms, female`s is many than male`s. Actually, the position of female chlamydia infection is located in neck of uterus. The sequel of this position would cause infertility which patients should pay attention to.

So we should take measure to defend these damages. As it stated above, early symptoms of chlamydia infection is obscure. So it is critical to receive treatments as soon as possible to control patient's condition. Actually, the invading process of chlamydia is special. Chlamydia would invade column epithelial cells and breed, and enter to macrophages to fulfill hyperplasia. Because all the reproduction process is made in the inner cell, chlamydia would be protected by cell membrane. This characteristic would form huge difficulty to WM. Actually, WM antibiotics cannot cure infection drastically. The advantages of TCM (no drug resistance, no side effects) would make it be the top choice to cure chlamydia infection. "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" is invented based on TCM recipe, and is a successful chlamydia herbal treatment. Actually, these two pills can achieve good curative effects to male and female chlamydia infection of urinary system. Chlamydia herbal treatment - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill never let the users down.

How would the pills work?

The pills would work since the first day you took it, but they're not that fast as antibiotics. According to clinical cases, improvement is always seen after one month medication.

3 months medication is always suggested for most of orchitis patients, no matter how long he has been suffered. Based on the recovery condition, 4 th months pills are recommended sometimes for those who need it or for those who want a better recovery.  

But remember, the pills will only work when you keep a good diet.

What is the required diet?

Spicy foods ond condiment, poultry, fish, beef, seafood, onions, durians, pickles, alcohol, coffee and milk are forbidden during the medication. There's no interaction between these foods but they may aggravate the symptoms. Among them, spicy foods, condiment, and alcohol should be strictly forbidden. If the diet cannot be kept, the treatment would take longer.  

Is there any successful cases?

Name: P. Fox
Sex: M
Age: 47
Nationality: Canada

Statement: Bulge feeling at the perineum area, swelling and pain at the testis for 11 years (since 1999).

Previous Tests/Dianosis:  

Chlamydia test: Positive
Prostate size: 4.6*3.3*3.3  
Prostate chlamydia infection

Medical History:  
Two weeks Dexycycline at the beginning, symptoms got dulled and later after couple of weeks they recurred.  
Azithromycin 1 gram oral as a single dose for 10 days
Saw Palmetto for 16 months

3 courses Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill    Sig:P.o    25grms/Bid  
with dietary requirement: no alcohol, milk, fished, seafoods, beef, chicken, onions, spicies

Chlamydia test: Negative
Prostate size: 4.0*2.9*2.2
No more symptoms
(The test was taken 2 weeks after the treatment was finished, 17-11-2010)