Two Chinese patent medicines from China

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2010/8/24 11:57:20

I have applied for two Chinese patent medicines. The first patent medicine is  "Gynecure"(Fuyan Pill), which is capable of curing female reproductive and urinary system diseases.  The other patent medicine is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", which can cure male reproductive and urinary system diseases. Since Western medicine will produce  resistance to drugs and drug tolerance, it is very difficult for Western-style doctors   who practises conventional therapy to completely cure female and male reproductive and urinary system diseases. Many patients took a roundabout way to look for treatment, but they were not cured. And long term of frustrated treatment made them lose confidence in any other treatment . Some patients who read my report and said " Dr. Lee you are so great. You must be a highly skilled doctor who would be able to bring the dying back to life."

I would say that I am not that great, and I am just an ordinary human being who practise medicine. As long as a herbalist doctor sets down correct treatment principle and makes up a corresponding prescription, the target disease would be cured. My treatment principle could be found in many of my articles published in my English website. They are very easy to understand.  
The network has no national borders, and I have made up my mind to let my treatment with my patent medicine known to the world. The traditional Chinese medical science, with a history of thousands of years, is the great medical and cultural heritage of China. It has made great contribution to the health of mankind! Let this pearl the traditional Chinese medical science radiate in the world forever!