Netherland Government Joined the Fight to Counter Trump’s Anti-abortion Move

Author: John
Time: 2017/3/6 16:32:41

Donald Trump recently signed a policy to prevent overseas non-governmental organizations from receiving capital supply from federal government. Concerning any potential damage might be caused for women's rights and interests, Ploumen, general director of Holland International Development Department, is projecting to launch an international fund, in order to remedy capital scarcity.
Overseas non-governmental organizations affiliated with Planned Parenthood are forbidden to use non-federal funds for providing service, information, consulting or introduction for abortion, as well as advocating and publicity, according to the policy signed by president the other day.

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This policy so far has provoked lots of arguments around damage caused to women's body self-determination. "This policy would directly put the most fragile female individuals at risk", said Cecile Richards, the chairman of American Planned Parenthood, "it could roll back all the efforts been done these years in order to improve women's health."

Lilianne Ploumen said that she personally felt very sorry about Trump's decision, she also were worried about that 600 hundred million financing gap might be caused following the financial withdrawal by US government. She also indicated that trump's policy is very likely to bring far-reaching influence on women's health. Prohibition would not cause reduction of abortion. On contrary, it would lead to increase on illegal abortion, the rate of mother's death might rise as well in response.

Ploumen also reveals that Netherlandish government financially aid women organization to prevent unintended pregnancy to more than 6 million times and abortion more than 500 thousand times. This policy might bring harm to this accomplishment, and she would not do nothing about that.

To make up for the potential fund scarcity, Ploumen is considering launching a specialized funds aiming for safe abortion. She is also projecting to contact with other European and Latin-American countries on the possibility of the establishment of new funds. Until now, she hasn't revealed any concrete statistics.

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