Nightmare Alert: UTIs Are Becoming Harder to Treat

Author: John
Time: 2017/3/4 17:22:38

Women are much more likely to suffer from UTI than men. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, Nearly half women would have UTI at least once throughout their lifetime. People with a UTI would feel in constant urgency to pee, usually with pain or bleeding during urination. A UTI would bring misery to people's mental condition as well as routine life.

Usually, antibiotics are effective against UTIs, but World Health Organization announced some bad news recently. E. coli, a main cause of UTIs, has showed some resistance towards antibiotics. For UTIs in particular, intravenous injection of the antibiotic colistin remains a last-resort method—but resistance to colistin has been found in many developing countries like India and China. PBS noted that if UTIs left untreated, infection might spread across the body and cause severe complications, sometimes even life-threatening.

As more and more antibiotics are losing its dominance to enemy which was once conquered, a wave of epidemics is looming without notice. "In many cases, if someone get a hospital acquired infection, it could be more dangerous than Multiple Organ Dysfunction," PBS reported.

Antibiotics are once deemed as the greatest creation in medication history. However, due to widely misuse of antibiotics, many new kinds of bacteria have been created and pose a great threat to human’s health and living condition, and permanently increase the potential risk for constant development of agricultural system, said Zhang Zhongjiu, the director general of National Health and Family Commission.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has the advantage distinguished from modern western antibiotics. Pathogen and health condition are the two leading cause for a disease, and Chinese medication holds its own methods for them both. “Chinese medication has effect on certain diseases which antibiotics so far cannot effectively deal with”, noted Lee Xiaoping, a famous traditional Chinese doctor.

To solve the problem of drug resistance, the priority is the development of new Chinese medication. For example, diuretic and auto-inflammatory pill developed by Dr. Lee, holds great effect against urinary system disease. Traditional Chinese medicine is extracted from natural herbal thus contain nearly no side effects. It can clear the heat and toxin produced by human body in order to promote blood circulation and strengthen immune system.

For any women infected with a UTI, it is always the case to take antibiotics for one or two weeks, as long as their disease comes back again. As a consequence, many drugs gradually become powerless towards their disease, the difficulty of treatment up to a higher level each time. Therefore, if Chinese medicine can be taken instead, it would significantly reduce the chance of building drug resistance and incentivize immune system to self-improve. A nightmare alert, could also lead to a brand new future.

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