Young Ladies’ Chastity taken by the Hands of Doctors

Author: John
Time: 2017/1/6 20:01:44

Miss Wang, a young lady in her 20s, underwent something that's extremely unfortunate during a medical examination held by the organization in which she works. During the physical examination, the defloration occurs. And she is not alone in this sort of things. According to the news-reports, there are not a few cases in which unmarried girls, without ever having sexual life, ended up suffering from defloration after physical examination. So what on earth has happened then? Please read on:

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Miss Wang, whose full name is kept secret, is a 24 years old bachelor charming young lady, who has not yet experienced any sexual life, whereas, during a medical regular examination held in her work place last month, she had been unfortunately deflorated. And the whole thing went on like this: she told the staff who are in charge of the physical examination that: she is a virgin, but due to certain reason, she has been documented as being married. When the doctor inserted the medical device into her lower body, Miss Wang suffered such a great pain that she screamed and even purpled with rage, but her complaints were left ignored. Right after the medical examination, her uncomfortable symptom has been increasingly apparent, and was accompanied by other body phenomenon like lower body bleeding.

At that very night, she went to an emergency unit in another hospital that specialized in gynecology for further inspections, and in the end, came to be diagnosed, the report showed that: there was a crevasse with a length of 2mm in her maidenhead. As a conservative young lady grew up in a traditional oriented environment, such a diagnosis left Miss Wang totally shocked, and she thought that: she's been treated in an unjust manner during the process of that medical examination. When Miss Wang sought explanations from the doctor who performed the medical exam on her, the doctor said that he's done all that he was supposed to, according to Miss Wang's information list, and that he has done nothing wrong during the exam procedures. But Miss Wang retorted that: the information list is a major misconduct committed by the medical register, and that the doctor should prioritize the information conveyed by the exam taker during the medical procedure, before any medical behavior and treatment that were being implemented by the doctors, were carried out.

Important details thatshould be attached to during the medical examination:
One is supposed to address doctors' questions accurately and honestly during the gynecological examination. Some questions raised by the doctors are way too intimidating for some conservative young ladies who grew up under the influence of traditional living environment to answer honestly, and more often than not, shyness preoccupies those ladies, who might think those questions are too straight forward to give concrete and detailed replies. Then in some severe cases, major medical misconducts that result in serious consequences might occur. Our suggestion is that: you can take your intimate female friends, who have some knowledge about sexual life, along with you to the medical examination, in case under certain circumstances where you are too shy to reply the doctors' questions in a great detailed way, your chest friends can help you in doing so.
Be truthful:
There are things of significant importance during a gynecological examination, especially the state of your chastity. In order to maintain your chastity, provided you are yet to have sexual life, different approaches are supposed to be taken. So, do tell the doctor your situation at the first hand, in case any regretfulinconveniences are caused in your later days.

According to the medical staffs in the medical examination center, the hospital rules that: unmarried women are not supposed to undergo gynecological examinations. Thus, legally speaking, in such cases where women lost their chastity during the process of medical examination, the responsibilities the hospital should undertake are undeniable. We strongly recommended that: all women fellows should have the basic knowledge about gynecology, in case undergoing unfortunate experience that might have a significant negative influence in your future life.  

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