What Is The Better Way to Cure Gonorrhea in Women?

Author: John
Time: 2015/12/21 10:12:12

Transmitted by sexual contact, the organism Neisseria gonorrheae cause a bacterial infection- gonorrhea. When talking about sexually transmitted diseases, gonorrhea is one of the oldest ones. Another STD can be caused by another type of bacteria since 50% to 70% patients also will be infected with chlamydia among individuals who are infected with gonorrhea.


Toilet seats or door handles can't transmit gonorrhea, this is contrary to popular belief. Growth and reproduction are required as very specific conditions to cause gonorrhea by bacterium. It can't live on the skin of legs, arms and hands, also for more than a few seconds or minutes, it cannot live outside the body. The cervix and vagina are most common areas where it can be found, since within the body, only on moist surfaces can it survive. From the bladder, through which urine drains, tube is also the place where it can live. In the rectum and the back of the throat (from oral-genital contact), gonorrhea can even exist.

Especially in the early stages of the infection, no symptoms are had by up to 80% of infected women. A burning or itching of the vaginal area, redness and swelling of the genitals, a yellowish vaginal discharge and burning or frequent urination are symptoms of gonorrhea. With inflammation of the Fallopian tubes and ovaries, a severe pelvic infection can be led by gonorrhea without treatment. Known as pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, a serious, painful infection of the pelvis can be led by gonorrheal infection of the Fallopian tubes. With gonorrheal infection of the uterine cervix, in 10%-40% of women, PID occurs. Because of tubal damage or obstruction, difficulty in becoming pregnant or even sterility can be led by pelvic infection. Life-threatening, and major surgery may be necessary when a localized area of infection and pus (an abscess) forms (tubo-ovarian abscess) if the infection is severe enough occasionally. Serious abnormal immune function can be caused by gonorrhea infection in people, even more serious, such as AIDS or immunosuppressive treatments can be caused by it too.

Fortunately, gonorrhea can still be treated by other injectable or oral medications. The treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea was fairly simple in the past. Almost every infected person can be cured by a single injection of penicillin. But there are new strains of gonorrhea, including penicillins, are more difficult to be treated since they had become resistant to various antibiotics. Fortunately, by other injectable or oral medications, gonorrhea can still be treated. Also there is an alternative TCM-Fuyan Pill which will cause no drug resistance or side effect even taking for a long time. Often patients can be cured within several months if there symptoms are not too serious, at the same time, they need to do well preventions in case the recurrence of gonorrhea.

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