Causes and treatment of menstrual cramps in women

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/12/23 10:27:34

Menstrual cramps which are also known as painful period or dysmenorrhea are commonly experienced by women in the lower abdomen. This symptom that can occur before, during or after a woman’s menstrual period always divides into primary type and secondary type.


As for the pain that women can feel, it ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme. Therefore, how to solve this problem becomes important. To solve this problem, we should figure out the causes of menstrual cramps. Here are the reasons:


1.      endometriosis

A condition that has the tissue develops outside the uterus can bring menstrual cramps to women. The pain caused by this problem always severe and extreme. At the beginning, the pain is mild, but with time goes on, the pain would get severe and severe. In addition to the severe menstrual pain, this problem would also bring heavy menstrual bleeding to women.


2.      Uterine fibroids

This is a noncancerous tumor condition that growths in the wall of the uterus. This problem would also bring menstrual cramps to women. This condition isn’t hard to cure. But the relapse rate is high. Therefore, surgery and a healthy living habit matter most.


3.      Adenomyosis

This is a condition that differs from endometriosis. It is known to all that endometriosis has the tissues develops outside the uterus. But the adenomyosis has its tissues grow into the muscular walls of the uterus. This condition can also bring menstrual cramps to women. And its symptoms are as same as endometriosis. So the treatment of the two is same too. Both conditions can take Fuyan Pill as a cure.


4.      pelvic inflammatory disease(PID)

PID is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacterium. Once women have this condition, she not only can experience menstrual pain, but also can experience irregular menstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, fever, fatigue and so on. to solve this problem, Fuyan pill is the best choice, because both PID and its complications such as tubal conditions can be solved by this herbal medicine.


5.      Cervical stenosis

The opening of the cervix is small and limits menstrual flow is the definition of the cervical stenosis. To radical this problem, women can take antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs, or muscle relaxants medicine to get a cure.

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