How to Cure Gonorrhea in Women If Signs or Symptoms Were Found?

Author: John
Time: 2015/12/4 14:05:06

Pathogens of gonorrhea is  the Neisseria gonorrhoeae, it was separated in 1879 by Neisseria for the first time.  The shape of them look like kidneys, with the same size, about 0.7 microns long and 0.5 microns Width. The most suitable environment  for it is 35℃, contains 5% carbon dioxide. But for poor resistance to outside, it is afraid of dry, if let it stay in a dry environment, about 1-2 hours it will die. Also it will die in neither too hot nor too cold environment, it has poor resistance to all kinds of chemical disinfectants. If signs or symptoms of gonorrhea occurs, how can women cure the disease?


About signs or symptoms of gonorrhea in women. After being infected, at beginning, women may feel slight symptom or no symptom at all, after 3-5 days, they may get uti, cervicitis, skenitis, proctitis or etc, cervicitis is the most common one. 70% of them have uti. Gonococcal cervicitis is the most common one often occurs with uti at the same time. Without total treatment, acute gonorrhea can become chronic one. Signs like lower abdomen pain, waist sour, back pain, a lot of discharge and etc. If a woman get gonorrhea during her pregnant period, then when she gives birth to the baby, the baby can get infected by passing the birth canal, especially for babies in breech presentation, the disease can occur when there is PROM, amniotic infection, premature delivery, pueperal sepsis, endometriosis and etc.

For patients without a complication, like GU, cervicitis or proctitis, ceftriaxone will be injected  intramuscularly once every time, spectinomycin be injected intramuscularly, once every time or cefotaxime can be injected by the same way. Second treatment are the third generation cephalosporins which had been tested effective. If chlamydia trachomatis can't be eliminated, then anti-chmamydia trachomatis infection drugs should be added. According to data of drug resistance of gonococcus in our country, it is common that gonococcus isolates have drug resistances to chromosome of penicillin and tetracycline, so these two medicines are not in the drug list of curing gonorrhea. Patients can try Fuyan Pill as a type of TCM too, this one is good without any side effect or drug resistance, often patients can be cured within several months if they obey things need or needn’t to do, they will have no wound or pain.

How to prevent gonorrhea in women? Sex before married should be avoided and women need to get education of personal hygiene. The usage of condoms need to be popularized to make sure safe sex. Prevent cross infection by pay attention to disinfection. Doctors need to do good follow-up jobs of patients' sex partners, check and cure them immediately. Do regular checking to high risk group, once infected person or patient is founded, the  hidden  infectious source can be eliminated.

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