Why teenagers can also affect the prostatitis?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2015/10/28 14:10:54

prostatitis is a common adult condition on men who are 20 to 40 year-old. However, the prostatitis is more common to see on teenagers. Symptoms like urgent urination, frequent urination and burning urination bring so many troubles to teenagers on class and life. But why teenager can also affect the prostatitis? Isn’t the prostatitis a condition can only be affected by adult?


Prostatitis isn’t a condition can only be affected by adult. As long as one has prostate, he is possible to have the prostatitis and the increased incidence of prostatitis on teenagers are caused by reason as follows:

1. Long term sitting

Teenagers are given so much homework every day. They barely sit in class all day and night without a bit of exercise. What’s more, after class, they also have to sit in front of desk and do homework. Such a long time sitting makes the prostate gland congestion for a long time without reliving. 

2. Phimosis

Phimosis is often to see on teenagers. Due to this problem, bacteria and other toxic materials would hide in the winkles of foreskin, leading prostatitis or urinary tract infection to teenagers, because the bacteria and toxic materials can flow against the urine current and then back to prostatitis along with the urinary tract.

3. Excessive prostatic fluid discharge due to premature

With the development of society, the sexual maturity period of patients has been advanced. A large number of girls and boys are fall in love. However, when they have intimate behaviors such as kisses, the prostate gland would discharge lots of prostatic fluids which are unable to be released via sex. So the pelvic cavity of boys would congest for a long time due to the excessive discharge of prostatic fluid. Therefore, this can also bring prostatitis to teenagers. By the way, unable to be released sexual drive is also an important factor of congestion and a unavoidable reason of increased prostatitis incidence.

4. Potential infection on other parts

Bacteria in impetigo can also spread to the prostatitis via blood circulation when immunity is weak. Lots of prostatitis sufferers also gain this condition due to diseases like momps, posthitis and so on. 

The four mentioned are the most common reason of why teenagers can also affect prostatitis. Prostatitis is curable and the treatment is easy if this condition can be noticed timely. Since the immunity of teenagers is weak, herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is more suitable for them, even though antibiotic therapy is also a good treatment for prostatitis. 

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