Curettage to cure endometrial hyperplasia, attention should be paid to preoperative considerations

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2014/7/23 10:16:28

Endometrial hyperplasia is a common gynecological disease. Once suffering this illness, patients can experience irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, endocrine disorders and some other symptoms. To get rid of these torturous experiences, a lot of women will choose curettage. Then, to adopt this surgical method, what should patients pay attention to before the procedure?

1. Drinking and eating.

The curettage is usually done under anesthesia, so patients should not drink for 12 hours before having the surgery. And before the surgery, the diet should be light food. All acrid, stimulating and greasy food should be avoided lest they should bring some adverse effects on the operation.   

2. Urine.

The full bladder is prohibited during the curettage, so it is necessary to empty the bladder before the surgery.

3. Personal hygiene.

Patients should pay extra attention to personal hygiene. And wearing clean underwear is necessary. If patients ignore these minor details, bacterial infection is very likely to occur intraoperatively.

4. Sexual life.

During a week before the surgery, sex should be forbidden.

5. Preoperative tests.

Corresponding gynecological tests should be done before the curettage. If patients are in poor health or have some other medical problems, it is preferably to suspend operation.

The above mentioned preoperative considerations will contribute to the successful surgery, and effectively reduce the surgical risk. Therefore, patients who want to treat endometrial hyperplasia with curettage should be very careful about these aspects. 

Of course, to recover soon, expect for the preoperative preparation, postoperative care is also of great importance. After the surgery, the diet should give priority to delicate food. Besides, patients should keep genital tract clean and avoid premature sex life, in order to prevent bacterial infections which will make an illness to break out repeatedly.

All in all, curettage can directly shave the thickened endometrium. In clinic, however, many patients have experienced recurrence after the curettage. What's more, some of them even suffered the cervical and endometrial adhesion, inflammatory reaction and some other diseases. Therefore, in order to avoid the postoperative infection and recurrence, once diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, patient might as well try a more conservative and effective treatment- Fuyan Pill.