How to treat hydrosalpinx with traditional Chinese medicine

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2013/8/22 18:24:15

Hydrosalpinx is a pathological product of chronic inflammatory disease and salpingitis. Generally speaking, hydrosalpinx has no symptoms. But there also are some women can experience those symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area and a Vaginal discharge,sometimes there are no physical symptoms. Some women only discover they have a blocked tube because of trying to conceive and not being able to.

Although hydrosalpinx can be cured by many ways, the best way is traditional Chinese medicine in my opinion. Here are the reasons. In order to explain to more clearly, let’s take ‘fuyan’ pill for example.

Fuyan Pill is an herbal formula, thus, it has advantages that traditional Chinese medicine has. Fuyan pill has no drug resistance, because traditional Chinese medicine commonly not works on inflammation parts. It always works on immune system, so inflammation can be cleared away by enhanced immune system. Thus, herbs in fuyan Pill cannot be resisted by inflammation.

The side-effect of fuyan Pill is slightly. Traditional Chinese medicine is considered as one of the safest pill in the world. As is known, herbal medicine commonly is made of many herbs and every herb has its own characters, so herbalist will use come herbs to enhance the curative effect and some herbs to reduce the toxic, thus, that’s the reason why, herbal medicine has excellent curative effect but with lowest side-effect.

Because of the two reasons, fuyan Pill can be taken for a long time. Thus, fuyan pill us suitable for those people who have had chronic hydrosalpinx and the treating time is long.

If you are a chronic hydrosalpinx patient, please choose fuyan Pill, because this is the only one pill can cure hydrosalpinx within three weeks.