How much do you know about traditional Chinese medicine?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2013/8/19 18:32:14

As a Chinese people, I think TCM is one of the best medical systems. But recently, after surf internet, I find that many western people don't trust the curative effect of herbal medicine. And I also heard that some western men hold the view that herbal medicine is responsible for the extinction of animals.

I don't understand why western people don't trust herbal medicine or they just don’t trust the pill they find on forums or blogs.

I know many forums and blogs publish articles to promote their pills, many people think it is spam. Actually, as a former, I also hate those articles. But when I sick and my disease cannot be cured by western medicine, every possible change is necessary.

In my opinion, TCM is good choice for men to cure their diseases. Let's take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for example. This herbal medicine is alternative treatment for male genital disease such a prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis chlamydia infection, UTI and so on. Although this herbal medicine works slowly, it is effective.

This herbal medicine has the function of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting blood circulation, improving Qi, dissipating hard lumps, dissolving stasis and so on. Thus, generally speaking, all of those diseases can be cured by this pill within three months. But if you cannot follow our diet, the treating course will last long and the curative effect of this pill is worse. So although we claim that herbal medicine is the best, people also have something cannot be done.

All in all, herbal medicine is good or not depends on the way you use and the health conditions. Best treatment is a pill can cheap with excellent curative effect.