Remedy of Chronic Cystitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/20 17:21:21

When the urethra has been infected by Escherichia coli, the chronic cystitis would be caused. Generally speaking, the basic symptoms of chronic cystitis include frequency of urinatior, urgent urination and odynuria. Actually, the irritation sign of bladder is obvious and the patient would suffer this disease again and again, along with hematuria and pyuria.

The powerful sterilization ability of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" would ensure Escherichia coli and other bacteria can be eliminated. The only thing that patients need to do is accepting successive remedy.

What`s worse, the harm of chronic cystitis is that inflammation can cause the abnormity, incrassation and cyst of bladder. Actually, the rare complication is the mucous membrane fibrosis, and some other patients may be suffered from vesical calculus.

"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" has the curative effects of promoting qi circulation to relieve pain and clearing away heat and toxic material. Actually, these curative effects are critical to cure mucous membrane complications and eliminate cyst and fibrosis.

According to the special female physiological structure (short urethra, closing of meatus urinarius and anus), female is easier to infected by Escherichia coli. So women should be more cautious to chronic cystitis. In total, chronic cystitis is the menace to human health. Positive and successive treatment is the correct method.

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