The Way to Cure Nephropyelitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/18 17:29:20

How to cure nephropyelitis? The first thing we have to know is what kind of symptoms nephropyelitis will be manifested with, for that to cure any disease, the principle of symptomatic treatment is always the essential and predominant one that doctors must follow.

Clinically, nephropyelitis usually is divided into acute one and chronic one in terms of their manifestations.

Usually, acute nephropyelitis attacks the crowds sharply and unexpectedly and present itself with high fever, chilling, headache, pain from head to foot, profuse sweating, etc., as well as those symptoms the same as irritation signs of bladder, such as frequent, urgent and painful urination with a little or almost little urinary volume, low back pain and abdominal pain as well. In some certain cases, part of patients suffered from it may feel lacking of appetite and sick. Commonly, young women are prone to be infected with it. If acute nephropyelitis is not cured thoroughly, or if the urinary tract is infected over and again for the patients do not pay enough attention to hygiene, it might turn to chronic nephropyelitis.

As same as acute nephropyelitis, chronic nephropyelitis clinically present itself with irritation signs of bladder, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, soreness and pain of waist and feeling lacking in strength. Through intravenous pyelography, it can be seen that the renal pelvis and calyx have become deformed and present with un-uniform size or rough appearance. And the renal tubules might be out of function which would induce excessive nocturnal urine output, acidic intoxication, and so on. In severe cases, it also might induce dysfunction of renal corpuscle or even uremia, or else renal hypertension. In brief, the symptoms of chronic nephropyelitis are complicated and tend to repeated attacks which make it not easy to achieve a complete cure.

Compared with chronic nephropyelitis, the acute one is not so difficult to cure and can be expected to a complete cure. While the patients are seeking for medicinal treatments positively, it is also suggested to pay enough attentions to hygiene, especially of the regions of body that is easy to be infected, to drink water frequently, to pass urine regularly, and not to hold back urine. Recently, it is reported Chen Ju, the mayor of Gaoxiong City, Taiwan, has been in hospital for she is infected with nephropyelitis due to paying no enough attentions to hygiene, drinking little water and holding back urine in her everyday life.

Usually, nephropyelitis is caused by infections of bacteria in the region of upper urinary tract, that is, infection of upper urinary tract. Thus, to cure nephropyelitis, it is suggested to take the certain kind of medicines that have the functions of broad-spectrum antibiosis, relieving inflammation, and swelling, releasing pain and promoting blood circulation. No matter male or female, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", a kind of dramatic traditional Chinese medicine, will be one of the best options of yours.

Exactly, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" can kill variety of bacteria, relieve inflammation, clear away heat and toxic materials, and promote Qi and blood circulation so that it can cure nephropyelitis effectively. The ingredients contained in it, such as plantain seed, Polygonum aviculare, Pink Herb, etc, are used for promoting urination and treating stranguria which make it produce a wonderful curative effect for nephropyelitis.

Sometimes, even if the conditions of patients are very serious, it cannot detect any pathogenic bacteria in their urine, for that the medicines that the patients are taking might have inhibited the activities of pathogenic bacteria, or that the infected renal duct is obstructed from which the bacteria cannot be discharged, or that the bacteria cannot survive due to the physiochemical changes of urine, or that the pathogenic bacteria have vanished. However, in all those cases, the toxins of the pathogenic bacteria are still remained in the inner of human bodies and not eliminated. And if the disease has lasted for a long term, it also might induce autoimmune diseases which are owing to the excessive autoimmunity of the patients which therefore will produce a disadvantageous influence on the cells of themselves.

In term of the characteristic of "aseptic" of this kind of nephropyelitis, firstly, "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" would never produce drug resistance or never induce any autoimmune disease, no matter how long the patients have taken it, for all of its ingredients are derived from animals, plants or minerals in the nature. Secondly, it is capable of clearing away toxic materials, softening and resolving hard masses so that it can achieve to the aims of unplugging renal tract and eliminating the toxins of the pathogenic bacteria. Lastly, due to the strong power of sterilizing of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", it can eliminate a variety of pathogenic bacteria and eventually cure nephropyelitis thoroughly.

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