Acute Bacterial Cystitis Causes

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/5/13 14:44:56

Acute bacterial cystitis

The causes of acute cystitis include over - tired, catching cold, long-time holding back urine and sex life. Acute bacterial cystitis is an acute inflammation which is caused by bacterial invasion to the health bladder. The infection is produced mainly upon E.coli retrograde from urethra to bladder. The factors which lead to acute bacterial cystitis mainly involve following ones:

1 There are internal factors of bladder such as stones, foreign bodies, tumors and indwelling catheter. These symptoms lead to the bladder mucosa suffering mechanical stimulation. Its' defense is damaged and injured. Hemorrhage occurs so that germs can invade easily.

2 Obstruction of urinary below the bladder neck drives voiding dysfunction. Residual urine appears and provides a good medium for germs which promotes their growth.

3 Nervous system is damaged. If someone gets nervous system disease or operation, the damaged bladder nerves lead to difficult urination so that causes inflammation. When Urethra is checked or treated by instruments, bacteria will also invade the bladder at the same time.

4 body is weak. The poor resistance makes bladder infected by germs easily.

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