Treatments for Endometriosis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011-5-11 17:02:21

The symptoms of Endometriosis usually include dysmenorrheal, irregular menstrual bleeding, painful sex and infertility. Because the disease of endometriosis customarily is affiliated with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, pelvic cavity spindylosis or cervicitis, to part of patients, mycoplasma or chlamydia cultivation would be positive. In other words, it is infections of mycoplasma or Chlamydia that cause pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis.

By careful observation, I have found that inflammatory diseases are profoundly contributed to endometriosis. Hereby, I’ve come to my own opinions of it and developed new therapeutic methods for it, which have been justified by almost-20-year clinical observation. Fuyan Pill, it is the very medicine which I have developed and been patented successfully. For its strong bactericidal power, it can make a perfect curative effect for treating endometriosis. In the medicinal formula of Fuyan Pill, it contains several drugs that help clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis, strengthening spleen and enhancing urination, so that it could kill germs thoroughly, diminish inflammation and alleviate pain effectively which eventually reach the objective of regulating menses and stopping abnormal bleeding.

In western medicine, surgical operation is a kind of routine treatment for endometriosis, and, to young female patients or those still not procreate, conservative operation would be suggested usually. The principle of surgical operation is to cut off the diseased region, which, due to severe adhesion, it can not cure it thoroughly and be with a high recurrence rate. Therefore, it is suggested that, even after surgery, it is necessary to take Fuyan Pill simultaneously so as to prevent sequel and recurrence.

Through observation and research for many years, Li Xiao Ping Chinese Medical Clinic has successfully developed Fuyan Pill which has already been patented, patent number: 200910064981.5.

Fuyan Pill has dramatic curative effect for endometriosis. Because of its contribution to clearing away heat and toxic material, it can kill variety of germs and tubercule bacillus, turn mycoplasma and chlamydiain to negative in three months, and then heal well endometriosis.

Case No.1
Healing well the disease of dysmenorrhea in 4 months, which was caused by endometriosis for being infected of mycoplasma and had lasted for ten years before seeking health.

Lady Zhang, female, 40-year old, from Li county Hunan Province, the date of seeking health: June, 2008

Chief complaint: dysmenorrhea had lasted for 4 years due to infection of mycoplasma. Menstrual pain started before menstrual phase, which, under severe conditions, it is so insufferable that to ease pain, she had to receive an injection of Demerol. Customarily, the pain would become sharp increasingly along with menstrual cycle, and disappear after menstrual period. When she went to see a doctor, surgical operation was suggested. The three of her family all were infected by mycoplasma and her husband went to my clinic and expected to take traditional Chinese medicine to treat the infection of mycoplasma as well as endometriosis and dysmenorrheal. After taking Fuyan Pill for a month, menstrual pain had been greatly alleviated and only occurred for an hour in menstrual period so that it is no more need to inject Demerol. And then after 3 months, mycoplasma had been turned to negative while after 4 months, all the symptoms were ceased.

Case No.2
Healing well the disease of excessive menstrual flow and prolongation of menstrual phase in 4 months, which was caused by endometriosis for infection of mycoplasma and had lasted for ten years before seeking health.

Lady Huang, female, 43-year old, from Fujian Province, the date of seeking health: July, 2008

Chief complaint: subintrance of menses; irregular menses; excessive menstrual flow; menstrual phase lasting for 10 days or so; emerging coffee-ground blood after menopause; pain and distention of lower abdomen during menstrual period. These symptoms had continued for 4 years. By detection, it was diagnosed with endometriosis due to infection of mycoplasma urealytium. The patient went to my clinic and specially required to take traditional Chinese medicine. After taking Fuyan Pill for 3 months, then the examination of mycoplasma urealytium had been proved to be negative, and menstrual phase shifted to 6 days earlier and lasted for 10 days, without coffee-ground blood. Then after 5 months of taking medicine, through health examination that required by her enterprise, it proved no any gynecological diseases, that is, the disease had been ceased thoroughly.

1. What is endometriosis?

Normally, endometrium covers the surface of the cavity of uterine body, while it growths in other region of body, there is the experience of endometriosis.

Endometriosis, refers that endometrium is planted in other tissue out of uterus, which for the most part, is in the pelvic cavity and usually in the region of ovary and fallopian tube. Under normal conditions, endometrium will exfoliate periodically and outflow with menses that forms menstrual phase. If endometrium is planted in other region and exfoliates, it will induce inflammation, edema and pain of adjacent region, because it has no way to discharge exfoliated material. In the case of this, Fallopian tube, due to endometriosis, might become deformed, or, because of blockage or adhesion of fallopian tube, it might induce infertility, or, for the shifting of ovary caused by endometriosis, it might induce ovulation failure or corpus luteum insufficiency which eventually would cause infertility. Besides, the patients suffering from endometriosis also might be accompanied with luteinized unrupture follicle syndrome (LUFS). In general, the menses of patients happens regularly while secretory phase of endometrium changes that could influence the normal ovulation of ovary and induce infertility because of dysfunction of ovulation.

Thus, in the process of treating endometriosis, Fuyan Pill uses drugs of clearing away heat and toxic material to eliminate inflammatory diseases and coordinates with promoting-blood-circulation-and-dissolving-stasis drugs to cure edema, hyperplasia, cyst and adhesion of fallopian tube so as to unplug fallopian tube, cease pain and finally heal well infertility.

2. Pathogenic factors and mechanism of endometriosis

(1) In the case of internal endometriosis, endometrium growths from the basal part to muscular layer, which is called adenomyosis. Ectopic endometrium usually disperses to the whole muscular wall of ovary which might induce irregularly enlargement of ovary due to the hyperplasia of fibrous tissue and muscle fiber that caused by the intrusion of endometrium.

(2) If endometrium intrudes into muscular layer and then induces that the growth of interstitial tissue profoundly exceeds that of glandular tissue in both extent and degree, thus forms interstitial endometriosis. In this case, the ovary will enlarge, ectopic cells spread to muscular layer dispersedly or center on a certain region, ectopic tissues growth to uterine cavity that might then induce polypoid lump and intrusion from uterine wall to uterine cavity or along with blood vein of uterus to broad ligament. In the case of intrusion to uterine cavity, clinically, the symptoms of endometriosis are manifested as excessive menstrual flow or even bleeding after menostasis. Therefore, in the process of treatment, I pointedly use, in the medicine formula, clearing-away-heat-and-toxic-material drugs and promoting-blood-circulation-and-dissolving-stasis drugs as well as drugs which functions to help eliminating stasis and removing heat from the blood to stop bleeding. Thus, it can adjust menses to normal and then heal endometriosis well.

(3) In the case of external endometriosis, endometrium will intrude into tissues or organs out of uterus and influence many organs and tissues at equal pace. Usually, the ovary, including utero-sacral ligament, front wall of recto-uterine fossa that is around the vault region behind vagina, and the back wall of cervix that is around the internal orifice of cervix, is the most possible region being infected with endometriosis. In some certain conditions, it might induce adhesion among intestinal wall, back wall of uterus and ovary due to the intrusion of ectopic endometrium to front wall of rectum. Besides, for intrusion to midriff between rectum and vagina, it also might cause black-violet spots on the mucosa of the vault region behind vagina, or even cauliflower-like evection, which only by biopsy, could be diagnosed with endometriosis. In addition, as mentioned above, fallopian tube, uterine neck, cunnus, appendix, bellybutton, incision of abdominal wall, hernial sac, bladder, lymph gland, or even pleura, cardiac pericardium, upper limb, upper leg and skin, all of these regions are possible for the growth of ectopic endometrium which could be expected to cure thoroughly by traditional Chinese medicine.

3. The symptoms of endometriosis

The symptoms and manifestations of endometriosis differ with the very region where ectopic endometrium growths, whereas it connects closely with menses cycle.

(1) Dysmenorrhea. It is the most common symptom which might emerge before menses, or during the menstrual period, or after menses. In certain cases, menstrual pain could be insufferable and become sharp increasingly. Due to the upswing of estrogen level continuously, it will induce hyperplasia, swelling, bleeding and pain of ectopic endometrium. If in the case of internal endometriosis, it also might cause contracture of the muscles of the uterus and more sharp pain. When menstrual phase passed, menstrual pain ceased. Besides, in the case of endometriosis emerging in the region of pelvic cavity and uterus, being infected of inflammation partially, it might be accompanied with pain and tenderness cause by pathological changes of abdominal membrane.

(2) Excessive menstrual flow. Internal endometriosis usually manifests itself as excessive menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual phase. Due to the overgrowth of endometrium possibly, it might be accompanied with dysfunction of ovary.

(3) Infertility. The patients suffering from endometriosis in the region of pelvic cavity customarily are accompanied with infertility, for that endometriosis could cause adhesion and blockage of fallopian tube, or that pathological changes of ovary would influence its abnormal ovulation.

(4) Painful sex. When endometriosis emerges in the region of recto-uterine fossa and the midriff between rectum and vagina, it would induce swelling of adjacent tissues and then influence normal sexual activities.

(5) Feeling falling and bulge of anus. This kind of symptom usually is manifested before or after menses, while during the menstrual period, it will induce rectal bleeding.

(6) In certain cases, when ectopic endometrium has intruded to bladder, it might manifested itself with urgent and frequent urinate periodically, while intruded to mucosa of bladder, periodical blood urine.

Besides, endometriosis emerging in the region of scar of abdominal wall and bellybutton, it will cause lump in part and periodical pain.

4. Treatments for endometriosis by "Fuyan Pill"

The medical formula of Fuyan Pill principally aims to clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, strengthen the spleen and promote urination.

Accordingly, Fuyan Pill can make dramatic curative effects as follow:
(1) The clearing-away-heat-and-toxic-material type of drugs that contained in Fuyan Pill could kill germs thoroughly and turn mycoplasma and Chlamydia to negative.
(2) The contained promoting-blood-circulation-and-dissolving-stasis type of drugs have a good effect of ceasing pain so as to eliminate the symptoms of edema, menstrual pain, rectal tenesmus and obstruction of anus, and then cure endometriosis thoroughly.
(3) Used with eliminating-stasis-and-cooling-blood type of drugs, Fuyan Pill has a notable curative effect of stopping bleeding which can pointedly cure excessive menstrual flow and post-menses bleeding.
(4) The herbs contained in the formula of Fuyan Pill, such as plantain seed and talcum, can treat stranguria and promote urination, which will make a good effect in treating urgent and frequent urinate.

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