Can I Prevent and Treat Prostatitis with Pumkin Seeds?

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/18 15:06:38

Pumpkin seeds are rich in amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and carotene, and some other nutrients. Frequent consumption of pumpkin seeds can not only prevent the occurrence of kidney stones but also promote patients to discharge them. More importantly, the active ingredients and abundant zinc in pumpkin seeds have health effects on men's prostate.


Studies have shown that when men lack zinc in their blood, the prostate enlarges and proliferates. Normally, zinc is higher in the prostate than in other organs of the human body, because the mineral zinc is needed for androgen synthesis in men. So insisting on eating pumpkin seeds every day can prevent and treat prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis and improve sexual function. But eating pumpkin seeds to prevent prostatitis is exquisite, we must pay attention to dosage and principles.

1. Careful selection

Because the effect of preventing prostatitis can only be achieved by ensuring that there is no mildew in pumpkin seeds, the pumpkin seeds selected should be large, full, mildew-free, and moth-eaten. It is not appropriate to buy salty pumpkin seeds, and the bad seeds or impurities should be removed to avoid the aggravation of the condition of prostatitis.

2. Proper amount

When eating pumpkin seeds to prevent prostatitis, attention should be paid to the method of eating. Pumpkin seeds should be chopped with the method of centralized and decentralized combination, and they should be eaten about 20 grams each day. Overeating pumpkin seeds affect digestive function, which can not achieve the goal of preventing prostatitis.


3. Develop a habit

Men should develop a habit of eating pumpkin seeds to prevent prostatitis and insist on, do not interrupt in order to avoid affecting the curative effect. There is no contradiction between using pumpkin seeds to treat prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy with other drugs.

4. Eating pumpkin seeds to prevent prostatitis need to combine with self-care to achieve a better therapeutic effect, such as massage of Guanyuan point, Zhongji point, Qugu point, Yongquan point, lift your penis, shrink the anus, rotate and knead testicles to massage the prostate.

Tips: In order to better treat diseases, during the treatment of prostatitis, patients should not stand or sit for too long, sit soon, avoid drinking, smoking, and holding urine with a strictly controlled diet. While actively taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills, it can effectively improve the symptoms of frequent urination, discomfort, and other symptoms, fundamentally cure prostatitis. 


At the same time, patients need to keep their prostate warm because the prostate has abundant adrenergic receptors. When it is exposed to coldness, it can easily cause sympathetic nerve excitation, lead to gland contraction, increase the internal pressure of urethra, affect the normal urination. It will have adverse effects on the prostate, and such a malignant circulation can lead to recurrent prostate diseases and pathological changes.

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