About 80% Taxi Drivers Will Suffer from Prostatitis

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/19 16:01:20

The prostate is a gland around the urethra, located under the bladder, and it looks like a chestnut weighing about 20 grams, and secreting milky white liquids, which are the main components of semen. If prostatitis occurs, it will proliferate, oppress the urethra, resulting in frequent urination, dysuria, urinary retention and other symptoms. When combined with infection, there may also be frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary pain and other cystitis symptoms.


Uber drivers spend almost a whole day picking up orders and taking passengers to their destinations. Because they often sit for a long time, it will cause poor local blood circulation, it is also related to the accumulation of metabolites, poor discharge of prostatic fluid, leading to the chronic congestion of the prostate and prostatitis, this is what we call chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

Because of the nature of drivers'work and living habits, they are susceptible to prostatitis.

(1)Drivers spend a long time in their seats and are highly concentrated, so they are unable to relax and easily fatigued. In addition to causing soreness in the neck and waist muscles, this posture also causes long-term pressure on the lower urinary tract, affecting its blood circulation.


(2)They are also affected by environmental factors, and the chances of catching a cold and gastrointestinal inflammation increase, which will lead to lower body resistance and easy to cause repeated attacks of urinary tract infections. Drinking less water, holding back urine is not only a direct irritation to the urinary tract, but also easy to make the condition of prostatitis worse.

(3)The influence of living habits, like spicy food, like drinking, smoking, plus work arbitrariness, uber drivers can not work and rest on time, is also the leading cause of the disease.

However, because the epithelium of prostate acinar has a layer of lipid-like membrane, which can play a barrier role, so that the general drugs can not penetrate into the acinar, so the treatment effect is not ideal. Therefore, patients can use safe and effective natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, because there are channel ushering drug, so the efficacy can be directly to the lesion, and fundamentally treat prostatitis and not easy to relapse. 


At the same time, patients should also pay attention to taking auxiliary measures, such as keeping adequate sleep, quitting smoking and alcohol, not eating spicy food, attention to sexual hygiene and so on. Otherwise, repeated attacks of prostatitis will lead to serious consequences. During the treatment period, warm hot water can be used for about 30 minutes every day, which is helpful for the improvement of the condition.

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