Most-Common Complications of Vaginitis

Author: John
Time: 2019/7/20 17:26:56

Vaginitis, or vaginal inflammation, is a group of symptoms leading to vulvovaginal symptoms such as itching, burning, stimulation, and abnormal discharge. The vagina of normal healthy woman has the natural defense function to the pathogen invasion because of the anatomical tissue characteristic. 

Such as the vaginal opening and closing, anterior and posterior walls of the vagina are close to each other, proliferation and keratinization of vaginal epithelial cells under the influence of estrogen and balance of vaginal acidity and alkalinity, which make the the reproduction of adapting to alkaline pathogens is restrained, and the cervical mucus is alkaline, when the natural defense of vagina is damaged, the pathogen tend to invade, cause inflammation of the vagina.


Improper treatments of vaginitis prone to repeated recurrence, if the treatment is not timely it will bring serious harm. So when we are in the occurrence of physical discomfort, such as vaginal itching, swelling, abnormal leucorrhea, painful urination and other symptoms, timely medical treatment must be taken. 

What complications will vaginitis bring if not treated properly?

1. pelvic inflammatory disease. If vaginitis is not treated in time, it will bring about diffusion of bacterium, thus pelvic cavity is affected, causing pelvic infection.

2. Cervical cancer. Ammonia and nitrite are contained in vaginal secretions metabolized by anaerobic bacteria of vaginitis, if patients do not take timely treatment, then these vaginal secretions will easily lead to cervical cancer.


3. Endometritis. When a woman suffers from vaginitis, the bacteria will spread and directly affect the patient's endometrium, causing endometritis, even leading to more serious consequences.

4. Affect fertility. When a woman suffers from vaginitis, the patient's secretion is accompanied by a large number of bacteria, and these bacteria will harm sperm, even cause sperm death, affecting the female pregnancy. In addition, if women suffer from vaginitis during pregnancy, it is likely to lead to abortion, or at least reduced safety of the baby.

The primary task on treating vaginitis is sterilization, bacteriostasis, heat-clearing and detoxification. And Fuyan Pill has very strong bactericidal effect, the  compatibility of various antipyretic and detoxifying drugs can restrain bacterium, trichomonas, mould mycoplasma, and chlamydia infection. 

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