What symptoms can predict ectopic pregnancy

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/1/4 17:12:21

In common situation, embryo grows in the uterine cavity when a women is pregnant. But if it grows in somewhere outside the uterine cavity, it is called ectopic pregnancy. Oviduct is where most ectopic pregnancy happens, places like ovarian, cervical are also possible. In addition, if the fecundity which survives in the oviduct drops off to the intra-abdominal, or occasionally it grows on abdominal organs like omentum as well, thus abdominal pregnancy is formed. If fecundity which survives in the oviduct separate from the tube to the abdominal, tubal abortion occurs; If fecundity hair perforates the tube, ruptured tubal pregnancy occurs. Both of them are prone to brings about intra-abdominal hemorrhage. Moreover, the latter is more serious, Usually, a large mount of internal bleeding leads to shock, which is even a life threatening case.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy
Women of childbearing age, who are with morning sickness of anorexia and nausea after menstruation can be diagnosed with pregnancy. But if they suffer with sudden lower abdominal pain, which persistent or recurrent, they may be associated with nausea, vomiting, anal discomfort. In server condition, patients may be with a ghastly face, cold sweat and extremities, or even syncope, shock. Irregular vaginal bleeding can occur in some patients, generally less than the amount of menstrual( do not mistake this as period ). Hence, typical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy symptoms can be grouped into: enopause, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous gynecological acute abdomen which should be taken notice of. Once above symptoms come up, seeing a doctor is a must. Patients ought to be rescued imadiately to reduce or prevent intra-abdominal bleeding and to avoid serious consequences caused by excessive bleeding.

Reasons that cause ectopic pregnancy are: salpingitis and tubal adhesions, such as chronic salpingitis, tuberculosis, endometriosis, etc.

Now that ectopic pregnancy is a serious disease, we have to keep high vigilance. In daily life, proper health prevention and treatment of ectopic pregnancy is demanded to decrese the chance of ectopic pregnancy or to prevent serious consequences.

1. Prevent alpingitis. Chronic salpingitis is the most common factor that cause ectopic pregnancy, as a result, prevent and treat alpingitis is the necessity of prevention of ectopic pregnancy. In the post-natal, post-abortion and menstrual period, please pay attention to forbear from infection. Alpingitis should be completely cured so as not to bring about ectopic pregnancy.

2. Emporary emergency care. After the diagnosis of tubal pregnancy, immediate supplement of blood and laparotomy are required to remove the lesions.

3. Conservative treatment and health care of reproductive organs. For some patients with mild condition, for instance, patients with little bleeding can be treated by integrative medicine which includes non-surgical treatment options. Meanwhile, non-surgical treatment must also be given in the hospital, and with closely observation of blood pressure, pulse.