Be Aware of Uterine Hyperplasia

Author: John
Time: 2016/7/13 14:27:55

1.What is Uterine Hyperplasia?
Uterine hyperplasia, also known as the precancerous lesion, has a potential tendency to develop into a cancer. It also has a potential for a reversible lesion, which means it can evolve into a cancer. A large portion of uterine hyperplasias are a kind of reversible lesion or maintain a consistently benign condition. Only a few type of disease may become finally a cancer within a space of long period. The uterine hyperplasia can be classified into three types: simple hyperplasia, complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia, which are common among middle-aged women above 35.


2.Causes of Uterine Hyperplasia
(1).no ovulation: this may happen to those who are in adolescence, in postmenopausal situation and also who suffer from a partial disorder in the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis or polycystic ovary syndrome, thus rendering endometrial constantly subject to estrogen in a  relatively long term with no progesterone in defense and a lack of periodic secretory transformation.

(2).Obesity: among the obese women, the androstenedione secreted byadrenal gland is transformed into the estrone with the operation of aromatase in the adipose tissue. The more adipose tissue there are, the more effectively it is transformed and thus the more estrone in plasma, which bring about a consistent flow of impact by estrogen.

(3).Endocrine functional tumor: the endocrine functional tumor is a rare type of tumor disease, but it accounts for 7.5 percent in the researched statistics. The dysfunction of the pituitary gland and the ovarian granulosa cell tumor are also continuous estrogen tumors. To make a special mention, the stress plays a very important role in the development of uterine hyperplasia disease, in another word, stress cause the uterine hyperplasia in a direct or indirect way. As we all know, the emotional feeling pertains to the category of the endocrine system, and the severe mood swing or some other emotional fluctuation can lead to a degraded function of the immune system, which helps your body to guard off disease. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the stress can have a bad impact on the human body, hindering the circulation of blood and also a disorder across the whole body. So always keeping a positive mind aids to prevent a large variety of disease.

3.How to Cure the Uterine Hyperplasia?
(1).Traditional Chinese Medicine In the Treatment of Uterine Hyperplasia
Many years of research have been made in Li Xiaoping traditional Chinese medicine clinic to work out the Fuyan Pills in triumph and a authorized patent has been issued with the patent code 200910064981.5. Effective treatments have been proved through clinical practice in the treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis, salpingitis, oviduct ovarian inflammation, tubal empyema, pelvic inflammatory diseases. As a role played to clear the heat and the poisons, the Fuyan pills can eliminate nearly all the bacteria and virus within 3 months to cure the uterine hyperplasia. Invigorating the circulation of blood and balancing the operation of inner body, it can also eradicate the root of lesions.
(2).An Analysis of the Uterine Hyperplasia in Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to the TCM, the disease can be attributed to a disorder or congestion of the Qi and blood. Fused with the pangolin, peach kernel, safflower,etc, the Fuyan pills are intended to soften and dispel the clot in blood. And it is also equipped with ingredients from Chinese medicine, which has been well received as for the treatment effectiveness.

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